“New Press” Hanover: “Dubious advertisers for the ponzi-scheme on the loose”

The activities of the “Black Diamond Suxess Club” from Cologne & “Black Diamond ÖWA” from Hanover did not go unnoticed. Only a few days ago, the “best pusher” were awarded at the “Lyconet Online Sensation” for their aggressive canvassing of new customers in the Cologne/Hanover area for the legally convicted snowball system “Lyoness/Lyconet”, which is currently up to mischief under “myWorld”!

The “New Press” from Hanover has also researched the snowball system at Lyconet and Black Diamond Cologne/Hanover and reported with an article about it: (Original can be read at the bottom) Here the translation:

“New Press” Hanover: “Dubious advertisers for the ponzi-scheme on the loose”

In the region of Hanover, young people in particular are recruited via Instagram to earn a lot of money with the aid of a discount card. But before earning wealth they have to invest. They are victims of one of the largest pyramid schemes in the world.

A ghost is haunting the Hanover region. People talk about quick wealth without doing much work. At events of “Black Diamond”, like recently in Laatzen/Germany, young people are manipulated as if they were part of a cult. But before they can make any money, they have to deposit about 2500 Euro. And as “marketers” they are supposed to recruit new disciples for the eternal cycle of wealth and happiness.

The predominantly young people are lured by Instagram. The business idea: With a “Cash Card” they earn money immediately when other people shop. With the card there are discounts. “Behind Black Diamond is one of the largest pyramid schemes in the world,” states Ben Ecker of BECM Inc. The Cologne public prosecutor’s office is investigating the backers of “Lyconet” (formerly “Lyoness”), the organization behind “Black Diamond”.

Top real estate in Hanover serves for advertising

According to the “Wirtschaftswoche” the Cash-Card is a big soap bubble. It is advertised that marketers earn money with every purchase. But no well-known company is involved with the Cash-Card, as Ecker also confirms.

The latest idea of the big business gurus is to advertise with some very profitable properties. Hanover plays a leading role here. As the first of “ten top real estates” Black Diamond advertises the project “Chicago Lane Office Suites” on the Expo area. The investor from Austria presented the project in October 2018. The high-quality office building (with 84 parking spaces in an underground garage) is scheduled for completion in summer 2021. What has happened so far: nothing. A spokesman for the investor explained that construction work is now beginning. According to the “Black Diamond” videos, the building is already under construction.

Some victims even robbed their parents

The “top properties” serve the people-captors as security, namely when their marketers ask what is happening with their money. And, of course, one could also profit from the property with money deposits. The company construction around Lyconet has been successfully sued in several countries as per Wikipedia. In Norway, the pyramid scheme has been banned by the supervisory and competition authorities. In Italy, Lyconet and Co. has been sentenced to a fine of 3.2 million euros.

Some people had made investments of up to 25,000 euros. “We have had customers who have robbed their parents. Just to be able to pay into the Lyconet system,” quotes Wirtschaftswoche as a reference to BECM Inc.

Ben Ecker and his company “BE Conflict Management” alone, is representing more than 6000 victims. In Hanover 13 “leaders” appear on the homepage. According to Ecker, everyone who joins “Black Diamond Suxess” must recruit five new members. And the leaders have a much higher level because they are very successful in recruiting customers. In this respect, a great number of people in the region could have already fallen for the pyramid scheme.

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