“Black Diamond Leader” in a pack for the photo shooting “Groundbreaking” together with Hubert Freidl to Hanover! After that, the scenery was dismantled!

Thanks in advance to our “whistleblowers” at the “clubs”, who already must have bleeding ears or a nervous breakdown from all the “shaka shaka talk” of these rip-offs. Keep through friends!

The “ground-breaking ceremony” is a fixed expression for the beginning of work on a construction site. So much for the general definition.

Lyconet/Black Diamond/myWorld probably defines “groundbreaking” differently. The “Black Diamond Leaders” with their pretty white construction helmets were certainly very excited during the afternoon of October 5, 2020, given that Hubert Freidl himself honored the “construction site” in Hanover and stuck a spade into the ground. Well done Hubert! Everything was arranged with a photographer brought along especially for the occasion, so that one could think that the start of construction would be the “safest business in the world” in the very near future. But even if that would be the case, the owner of an “EC X” has nothing to gain anyway.

First nothing happened on the property for a long time, then the press reported on the site and questioning articles appeared to the EC X real estate and within few days myWorld flags, a building container and a building toilet on the property were parked/mounted.

A few days later, on 05.10.2020, the “Black Diamond Boar Troop” from all over Germany set off for Hanover and announced a “certain ground-breaking ceremony” during the trip. On the construction site, they quickly put on their helmets and set the scene with Hubert Freidl, posted a few pictures and peace and quiet returned to the people.  

At 17:30 o’clock the spook was over, the myWorld flags including poles were already removed again and the property abandoned. Like the last two years, it is open, accessible to everyone and without a construction board.

Flags and masts taken down and gone! Toilet remains?
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