“Lyconet Online Sensation 2020”, is indeed a sensation!

The fact that Hubert Freidl is still able to stay on the market with such a dazzle and the pyramid scheme is the real sensation here!

The “Lyconet Online Sensation 2020” was postponed to the 28th of September 2020 due to technical reasons and we witnessed the…. let’s call it……whatever…!

We had to deliberate for several days whether it was worth writing an article at all. Yes, it is worth a short article, especially since our well-known protagonists from “Black Diamond Suxess Club” from Cologne and the “Team Hannover ÖWA” are also participating in our little article.

It was obviously brought up that things couldn’t be going better for Lyconet, “one grows and grows with incredible numbers” “everything goes through the roof” “there’s no way to stop it”, it is the world’s largest shopping community and the world’s largest pyramid scheme. It goes without saying that everything is documented with self-created statistics and graphic representations.

Regarding all the new sensations that are being considered, we will not go into detail here, we will only have a brief look at travelWorld.com. It is basically the same as with the myWorld Marketplace, the travelWorld is more expensive and does not offer the decisive services as is the case with  other comparable platforms. RIDICULOUS, given that the travel industry stands before the probably most difficult time ever? And and and……..    

As a matter of principle, a sense of charitable engagement has been more important than ever given the times we live in, especially the “silent heroes” who have touched the author of this article so deeply. So the more shocked one is when the alleged charity is presented in the way it is presented in the “online sensation” of Lyconet. For all the people and families harmed by Lyoness/Lyconet, it must seem like “sheer mockery” and “perverse hypocrisy”.

from my saved money….. shame on you!

In the 2 hours and 18 minutes of the online show, one has to deal for almost an hour with “laudations” for one’s own company, “adulating” one is owning charity similarly as if it would be a cult. Quite a few Lyconeses probably had to sit in front of their PCs and hoped the holy light of the Messiah might touch them. A constant repetition of images of shining, grateful eyes of children, a Hubert Freidl who paid a lot of money for a meeting with Nelson Mandela, a Gerry Seebacher with a spellbound expression on his face as if the dear God himself had just reached out his hand personally and as if it was not enough, in the “Valley of Tears”,for the “oscar-worthy” ending Mario Oreggia wipes off a tear from his eye to crown it all. Enough with this, even our ability to suffer has its limits.

Furthermore, Colombian drug barons are building schools, churches and kindergartens as well and as already announced, there are other voices from Hungary and the Philippines for the charity of a Child & Family Foundation and Greenfinity.

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  1. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    All the brainwashed HAPPY CLAPPERS were apparently spellbound when their CULT leader delivered his sermon of BS to his flock of SUCKERS giving some of his puppet leaders, the Mario‘s, Andreas, Gerry, Danny Boy, Herbert and Werner tears and wet pants with excitement.

    Even Hubert’s highly paid spruker got so excited and teary eyed.

    How true is the ‘Definition of STUPID’.
    * Knowing the truth,
    * Seeing the truth, but
    * Still believing the lies.


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