Cashback World Germany / Fake cooperations and what Lyconet marketers and members don’t want to understand!

ZALANDO, NETTO Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG, HERTZ, ADIDAS AG, COMMERZBANK AG, HRS, EUROWINGS GmbH, IDEALO, HERVIS Sport- und Modegesellschaft mbH, MÖVENPICK Deutschland GmbH, AVIRA, BONPRIX, NIVEA Beiersdorf AG and many more are not partner companies or cooperation partners! 

What the Lyconet marketer simply does not want to understand: If an employer orders twenty vouchers from a florist for his employees, the florist is not automatically a partner company / cooperation partner. This is exactly how Cashback World is trying to fool itself, its members and the paid affiliate companies.

The companies mentioned at the beginning were asked by our company in the last three weeks about a partnership/cooperation with myWorld/Cashback World. The website “Cashback World Germany” also gives the impression that well-known companies maintain a business relationship with Cashback World, while established companies do not even allow themselves to be involved with Cashback World.

Lyoness (now Cashback World) alleges to be the largest purchasing group in the world, but has not managed to establish a universal Cashback Card over a timespan of “17 YEARS”, as Payback did in Germany or the “JÖ-Card” in Austria within a very short time?! With the JÖ-Card you can buy, refuel and save money in every BILLA, Merkur and PENNY supermarket, BIPA drugstore, LIBRO, OMV gas stations and many others throughout Austria without having to buy a voucher beforehand.

We have the original e-mails of the following alleged partner companies, which can be presented at court at any time. Here are the individual replies: (Each member is welcomed to contact the companies directly by themselves).

ZALANDO SE (Mail from October 06, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

a short update from our side: There is no partnership between Lyoness and Zalando. We have contacted the company in order to be removed as a partner of the list that you have mentioned.

Thanks again for the information.”

Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG (Mail from October 21, 2020)

Dear Mr. Ecker,

we hereby refer to your message of 05.10.2020 and would like to thank you for the reference.

We can inform you that there are no business relations, in particular no business partnership or cooperation, between Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co.KG and the company mWorld/Cashback World, mWG myWorld Germany GmbH nor with those who are responsible for the Internet presence of

The representations concerning Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG on the websites mentioned by you are in no way connected to us and more particularly have not been initiated by us. We have taken your reference as an opportunity to examine legal action against the operator of the website.”

HERTZ – Autovermietung (Mail from October 06, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you for drawing our attention to this matter once again.

A direct business relationship or cooperation between Hertz Autovermietung GmbH and myWorld/Cashback World could still not be established. We will now examine the further procedures that need to be initiated.

ADIDAS AG (Mail from October 16, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your message and please excuse us for making you wait so long in order to give you a reply. I can inform you that there is no cooperation between the mentioned company”.

Commerzbank AG (Mail from October 08, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your inquiry. Here is our answer:

“Commerzbank does not maintain a business relationship with the companies mentioned. The bank has prohibited the operator of the website from using the Commerzbank brand”.

AVIRA (mail from October 09, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you very much for your inquiry.

With the following answer we would like to respond to your request: Avira has never been in

contact with myWorld/Cashback World (formerly Lyoness Europe AG). This

means: There was no direct contact between the aforementioned company and Avira

Holding GmbH & Co. KG and at no time has there been a direct business partnership. We are

very grateful for the useful information on the dubious pyramid activities of

myWorld/Cashback World as well as on the ongoing proceedings and investigations against

the company in several European countries. We have taken technical measures to stop the

activities of myWorld/Cashback World, which were carried out through third parties without

our involvement.

Bonprix – fashion delivery (mail of October 09, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you very much for your in-depth and helpful information on the business practices of MyWorld/Cashback World. In the course of affiliate programs, Cashback World actually promotes Bonprix in some countries until this day. The termination of the cooperation has now been initiated for all countries. We will also request the deletion of our logos on the websites of Cashback World and all other touchpoints.

I am writing this mail on behalf of our managing director Mr. XXXXXXX XXXXX who is reading along in CC”.

HRS – Tourist Booking (Mail from October 19, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

there was a cooperation with this company through an affiliate program, which we have since terminated.

Thank you very much for your comments.”

HERVIS Sport- und Modegesellschaft mbH (Mail from October 12, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Neither Hervis nor any other part of the Spar Group is cooperating with Cashback World.

EUROWINGS GmbH (Mail from October 13, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you for your notice, which we have conveyed to our legal department. Eurowings GmbH has no business relationship with the company you have named. „

IDEALO – Internet GmbH (Mail from October 15, 020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you very much for your mail and the clarification.

After receiving your e-mail we immediately contacted our corresponding department and asked for feedback. In fact, the notorious Lyoness AG was well known there. However, the connection to Cashbackworld was not known. Our colleagues immediately reacted and terminated our participation in the Cashback program as of immediate effect. If you reopen the page, you will already get an error message. We are very thankful for your hint!”

Mövenpick – Deutschland (Mail from 15.10.2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your hint! The Mövenpick Wein Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG does not work with the company named by you. There are no business contacts or cooperations. In this context we will immediately take legal actions against myWorld/Cashback World”.

NIVEA – Beiersdorf AG (October 16, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you again for your inquiry and the information which we have followed up internally. There is an indirect relationship in the course of our affiliate marketing activities for the NIVEA eShop with the site, which belongs to the Lyoness company.” is a publisher that is part of the affiliate network that we book through our media agency. As of today we have excluded the site for NIVEA activities. In addition, we have taken the situation as an opportunity to order a review of all publisher sites that are active for NIVEA to avoid a similar case in the future.

Everything is said about that!

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