Freidl’s corporate networks and the flow of funds?!  

As previously reported by BEKM, Lyoness Europe, based in Switzerland, has been in bankruptcy since the end of 2023. The independent commissioned audit report identified links between a large number of companies. Hubert Freidl’s company structure was presumably deliberately designed to be as complicated as possible, and most of the 50ish companies were used to move money around.  

There is certainly a reason as to why Hubert Freidl is no longer registered in Monaco, Markus Käfer is now registered in Paraguay, Gerry Seebacher in Dubai and so on. In his statement to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for White‐Collar Crime and Corruption, Hubert Freidl also failed to provide his current address, which the Public Prosecutor’s Office is not happy about.   

In addition to the countless letterbox companies in the United Kingdom, there is a network of companies based in various cities in Malta, with alleged offices in the capital Valetta. The following are some of the companies involved: 

UTM Holding Memorandum, UTM HOLDING LIMITED, PRIMEI FIDUCIARY LTD, SHANNON HOLDINGS Ltd, TRIANGLE TELECOM HOLDING LTD. in Malta, which all belong to Freidl’s shell corporation network. With special mention of the companies in Dubai, such as the EliteClub Foundation founded by Silvia Freidl, which in turn set up the company “Blocktrade” with its current headquarters in Tallinn/Estonia.  

We will publish a separate article on his corporate links in South America, Dubai and Eastern Europe. 

The links between these sham companies presumably serve the sole purpose of diverting members’ funds and concealing them with customized contracts between their own companies. However, it will probably not be enough to escape payment obligations in Switzerland or Turkey. There are so many links now that have been deliberately designed to penalize paying members and creditors.   

We’ll keep you posted. 

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