Hubert Freidl and his $500 million private fortune!   

Freidl’s 40-meter yacht is named “MAGIC”, his private fortune of $500 million is magical too, which should have every member/marketer and pseudo-shareholder at myWorld fuming.  

With a private fortune of USD 500 million, it should be easy for Freidl to pay the injured parties from his scheme and refund the CHF 30 million to Lyoness Europe AG. However, he does not really want the authorities to know how his assets are set up.  

Freidl merely admits to the authorities that his annual salary is comparatively small and that he has not been active in the companies himself since 2015, thus trying to give the impression that he is a bystander at his own companies.  

According to calculations, almost three billion euros have changed hands since Lyoness was founded in 2003. And this does not even include the EliteClub. Hubert Freidl and his legal accomplices and advisors have channeled, filtered, and declared the flow of money through hundreds of international companies and concealed it with sham transactions.  

However, the protagonists have made a few mistakes, but a closer look reveals that Hubert Freidl has a lot of frenemies. Arrogance and hubris are bad counsellors in his precarious situation.  

To put it in the words of one of the participants: “The sling is getting tighter and tighter.” 

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