Hubert Freidl’s calculation! Andreas Matuska, Markus Käfer and other howler monkeys propagate with alleged “gifts to the pseudo IPO!” Part 1

It is out of the question that Hubert Freidl and his accomplices want to make a killing on his marketers with this “pseudo IPO” and withdraw any claims for repayment from the old marketers.

A “race over 30 months” was launched with the online sensation. “Free shares” is announced by the “chief of the roaring monkeys” Andreas Matuska, IF one orders at least a monthly Benefit Voucher of € 99.00 or a one-time Voucher. It is therefore only free of charge, if one pays in again. Admittedly, it is free of charge if marketers who have paid in money automatically become “shareholders”, according to the online presentations. As a matter of fact, the term “shareholder” is only used for listed companies, however, Hubert Freidl, Andreas Matuska, Markus Käfer, Lous Louw, etc. don’t take the truth too seriously anyway, besides, it looks good.

As to what Freidl has come up with,

  • If you order the monthly version of the Benefit Voucher you will receive 3 times the amount of MSP by 23 August 2023, if you order the Benefit Voucher once you will only receive 3 times the amount of MSP in February.
  • in February Ambassadors Lvl. 4-6 will receive 2 times the commission and Presidents Lvl. 7-8 will receive 3 times the commission, plus 7s will also get 100.000 MSP and 8s 250.000 MSP privately.
  • the MSP are split on a 50/50 ratio; 50% for private use and 50% as cloud share.
  • to this cloud share will flow an additional 25% of the total profit of all MyWorld Companys (Sports World, Travel World, ect…). Note of the editorship: The Marketer should ask themselves the question in which “profit” one wants to actually participate here. Freidl’s myWorld group sits in the UK with various holdings and limiteds all wrapped up and nested, each with a share capital between 1 and 100 GBP. Also, marketers should know that the holding companies in the UK hold the Myworld national companies, but there’s no big investment income either. Where is all the money? According to the preambel, for instance, German marketers who switch over will automatically become contractual partners of Lyconet Global AG, based in Switzerland, which again has its roots ending in the UK.
  • You also have the possibility to “upgrade” the normal purchased clouds like Enterprise ect. into the Cloud Share, whereby you lose the monthly “profit” but in the future thousands of SP+ will be distributed for your career.
  • The distribution of the SP from the Cloud Share will only take place from August 2024, i.e. one year after the IPO and only if you own at least three Bonus Lines.
  • The President’s shares will go public first, and the remaining marketers will not go public until August 2024.

One can only hope that every marketer reads the contract update and preamble carefully. In the contract update alone, which Markus Käfer succinctly shows for two seconds during the online presentation and falsely refers to it as the general terms and conditions, the marketer must agree to seven changes to the contractual relationships (5 x Lyconet & 2 x myWorld). In the preamble, four required checkmarks are also used to agree to seven changes.

Conclusion: Freidl’s calculation succeeds, as more marketers agree to this conversion to the MSP and so voluntarily forego money that has already been paid in. Furthermore, he has another four years to operate his Ponzi scheme.   

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