On our own behalf! After the TV broadcast “Caution trap”(„Vorsicht Falle“) from 30.01.2021!

In recent years, there were always some Freidl supporters who felt that they had to express their displeasure about our publications, which we could perfectly live with, but if it becomes personal and criminally relevant, I must and will react.

Since the broadcast in the German public television ZDF in the TV format “Caution trap” („Vorsicht Falle“) on January 30, 2021 our coworkers and I are personally being threatened, insulted and defamed by disciples of the ponzi scheme founder Hubert Freidl.

One thing should be said to these pathetic “Freidl disciples”: “You don’t even have the courage to announce yourselves with your real names and hide behind pseudo mail addresses and identities. Or announce with suppressed cell phone number drunk, under drugs or both capital crimes against my person, family and coworkers. What is actually going on in you sick minds and are you aware of the legal consequences!”

The expressed and communicated threats, insults and defamations will certainly not remain legally unanswered.

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