Freidl’s “Online Sensation!” The overlay of a millisecond shows that it is not a sensation!

What was that, Mr Freidl? The only thing that is sensational is the audacity of how marketers are being robbed of their money over and over again. 2 hours 7 minutes of the well-known self-adulation and the prognosis for the development is the purest cave painting. Not later than when the marketer understands this overlay (which was barely noticeable), he would be crazy to want these “myWorld Share Points”.

We will deal with the whole “online sensation” separately. But basically this overlay on the “Online Sensation” speaks for itself.

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  1. Lucianna L.
    Lucianna L. says:

    Dear Mr Ecker,

    can we count on further, more detailed analyse of the recent Online sensation and the scam of mSP? What is the strategy behind IPO? Since mSP can not be bought, how they are planning to get money from marketers? Is Benefit Voucher same as eVoucher, or is something else?

    Thank you for your hard work and all information and insights shared so far.


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