Freidl’s IPO! ” The circle is closed!” What and who is behind the Cryptix Group and Blocktrade S.A.. Who is actually managing the “big IPO now?”

What we know: As Cryptix AG stated itself on Jan. 22, 2021, neither Cryptix d.o.o. nor any other member of the group was involved in an IPO of myWorld at any time. Also, one never wants to have been in touch with the German BaFin. One denies any cooperation with CM Equity AG, although official excerpts refute this. However, the only established and renowned company CM Equity AG from Munich stopped its activity anyway as of 18.01.2021. If nobody wants to cooperate with each other, who will manage the IPO? Approval from NASDAQ? How?

This whole “going public and distributing shares as a gift” is orchestrated from Hubert Freidl’s in-house “corporate soup”. You don’t believe it? Read on!

At myWorld 360 AG, EliteClub Foundation, Cryptix AG, Cryptix d.o.o. & Blocktrade S.A. everything runs together again to Hubert Freidl and his wife Silvia Freidl.

The Cryptix founder Bernhard Koch is a personal friend of Hubert Freidl and has been working for the pyramid scheme Lyoness for many years. Among other things, he was managing director of Lyoness eBiz GmbH and CIO at myWorld Solutions AG for two years. After a one-year time-out (alleged burnout), he and Hubert Freidl came up with the idea of eCredits and tried to establish them. Most of the people that are now employed at Cryptix AG are also employed at ETR AG, which had unsuccessfully tried to get a stock exchange listing in Liechtenstein.

According to the documents that we have received, Cryptix AG is almost 100% sponsored by Lyconet via trust and consultancy agreements.

Blocktrade S.A., on the other hand, is a Dubai-based company founded by the “EliteClub Foundation” and is 100% beneficially owned by Ms. Silvia Freidl, according to an entry filed on Jan. 20, 2021. Also see:

Blocktrade S.A. was or is in charge of the technical preparations for an STO (Security Token Offering).

Today we have asked Cryptix AG for a statement, because they always accuse us of not inquiring with the companies but when we do, we receive no answer.

Conclusion: All companies involved in the IPO and share gifts are unofficially controlled by Hubert Freidl and his wife, to the exterior, it is made to appear as if they are independent acting companies. No matter what happens, all the money goes into Freidl’s pocket, with or without an IPO. The Freidl family does not need to be interested in the development of the share price!

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