Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl finds a new role – as a philanthropist!

A self-proclaimed visionary and philanthropist, Hubert Freidl embarked on a new attempt to have the business world take him seriously as a sincere businessperson in 2018.

The brands Organic+, 360 lab, eventWorld and sportsWorld, and myWorld Marketplace have been added to the myWorld group on his website at

Philanthropist Hubert Freidl

The reputation of his previous companies such as Lyoness and Lyconet have taken a serious hit from various court rulings and judgements, so what was needed was a new name for an old business model. The name was to be completely free of any of the old associations with MLM, Ponzi or heaven forbid, pyramid schemes. And thus the myWorld group was established.

Applying a wee touch of the esoteric, Mr. Freidl gives reassurances on his new homepage that his company group would help make the world a better place if not save it altogether. As a philanthropist, his motives are naturally nothing but pure altruism.

There will be some juicy info soon on what’s actually behind eventWorld, sportWorld, Organic+, 360 Lap, Child & Family Foundation and Greefinity. As announced, nothing has been more transparent or simpler since 1 July 2020. On the contrary.

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