“BenefitVoucher a joke” “Another prank!” “BenefitStore 132 items ridiculous!” “You’re being converted whether you like or not!” myWorld has no answers!

We have received numerous complaints regarding the exchange of mVoucher to BenefitVoucher. Perhaps a specialist from myWorld/Lyconet can answer or even explain something that is actually convincing to the following marketer? Markus Käfer has already made it clear, how a “functioning upline” at Lyconet manages such a thing. Questioning marketers are simply thrown out of the group, they are not supposed to ask any questions but rather to introduce new members to the snowball system.

Four letters contain the main complaints (taken from the original):  

“The problem with the Benefit Vouchers is, that one cannot go shopping 1:1 with it. However, this impression is given or simply lied about.

As a “real” and ambitious marketer I will obviously purchase the Business+ package at a bargain price of 9.000 Euro. Therefor I would already have spent 9.000 Euro on the Benefit Voucher. If I assume that the Benefit Voucher pays 20% for every product in the Benefit Store and elsewhere, I would have to spend a total of 45.000 Euro (of which again 36.000 Euro have to be contributed from my own purse) to redeem the Benefit Voucher.

Additional hooks here:

– The vouchers are only valid for 3 years.

– For many products, after the deduction of the Benefit Voucher portion, the price would be still higher than in other stores.

Can I actually book trips, buy tickets etc.? Clear answer: no. It is only told that everything will start “shortly”, where the vouchers can then be redeemed. And if the new redemption possibilities are as ” magnificent ” as the Benefit Store, then good night.

Additionally, the conditions for the Enterprise Cloud 7 are at the top of the list: “Lyconet as well as myWorld reserve the right to change and/or discontinue this Incentive at any time, without being obligated to give any reasons”. Furthermore, the conditions no longer say anything about 25% of the profits of the entire group of companies flowing into the cloud, but rather to myWorld Enterprise Ltd – which, unfortunately, is not the parent company. Of course, I don’t assume that marketers take the trouble to read through them, because at Lyconet everyone is a big family and “trusts” each other – or in other words: anyone who asks detailed questions and questions something is called a “nest dirtyer”.”

” Scam^10.

Just opened the Benefit-Store and I could hardly keep up with my laughter. That Freidl seriously sounds more like a joke than reality. So you are being told that with the Benefit, products are being reduced from an imaginary overpriced price to a “bargain”. In the end, MyWorld still makes a profit because of the lower price, which in the end is the same price as other online merchants. And at the same time the marketers can get rid of their coupons/vouchers/deposited money. This is pretty much the most outrageous thing I have seen lately. That Hubert has not yet been in prison is a mystery to me.”

“……and it is also brazen that the mVoucher will be converted into a benefit voucher if you have not even agreed to the terms and conditions. That’s what happened to me. Although I have clicked on convert, I still would have had to agree to the terms and conditions to convert the mVoucher into a BenefitVoucher. I did not even do that and yet the page has reopened and I was congratulated for the conversion? Luckily it was only 200 mVouchers, but it could also happen with 10.000 mVouchers. And only then you find out that the benefit vouchers are only valid until 07/2033, outrageous right?

“You can shop 1:1 with BenefitVouchers,as if! Have you seen the ridiculous benefit store? The only thing you can shop 1:1 with, are the marketing products. You have to pay the rest with your money and with the BenefitVoucher everything becomes simply cheaper when you redeem it. It’s another prank to get the poor old investors to convert their mvouchers.”

“Nobody says anything against myworld/Cashback world but against Lyconet. The Matuska yells in videos and claims that one can shop with the BenefitVoucher and doesn’t mention that one can only redeem it. With that, he brings many marketers to exchange their mVoucher (once done it cannot be revoked) and at the end one notices that one cannot shop with it but only redeem it! It’s disrespectful!”

And indeed, 132 junk items! https://de.myworld.com.com/de-de/lp/benefitstore/  Great bonus for marketers, but Amazon can soon pack it in, my dear Andreas Matuska 😊

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