“Eyetime escalates!” roared BCR lying monkey, Andreas Matuska on January 25th 2019.

According to Matuska, every marketer should be proud of the achieved goals of Eyetime, to be precise, the millions of downloads and billions of people that they have reached.

“Moreover, the company should soon conquer further market shares and replace the previous market leaders.”

“Driven by the great and especially new successes of A. Matuska, the so-called BCR lying monkey, tends to describe EYETIME as “genially sick” or „shooting through the rooftop“.”

Nevertheless, he forgets to delete the trombone promises that were published online. We can already imagine the reasons for such behaviour… Regardless, his favorite statement “…it’s just soooooo sick.” might just sum up his questionable behavior.

Surprisingly, Eyetime was being closed at the beginning of February 2020, it is claimed that it was only a test version (beta phase). Further activities of the company are unknown. Now the question arises whether A. Matuska was informed at all… What exactly is escalating right now?

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