Charles Ponzi would be proud of Hubert Freidl, Andreas Matuska and all the other boars at myWorld/Lyconet!

There is no working system based on infinite growth under finite conditions!

Snowball, avalanche or pyramid systems are still common scams, where billions of money are embezzled year after year. Behind a snowball system, the classic investment fraud model is a fundamentally fraudulent business concept. Disguised as a seemingly lucrative license to get rich.

Greed is one of the most important pillars of pyramid schemes like Lyconet!

The initiators of pyramid schemes rely on a growing number of new customers making investments (or let’s call it down payments on future purchases, cloud, vouchers etc.) due to irrationally high development promises and a fairy tale called “passive income“. By contrast, a significant income from an operating activity is hardly ever generated at all. Just as well! The operational activities of Lyoness/Lyconet are limited to bring as many new paying members as possible into the system. Through myWorld and its seemingly patronising sports sponsoring, a serious impression for the companys name myWorld should be created.

Sooner or later, however, the number of newly recruited members will no longer be sufficient to keep the promises made to the existing old members. MyWorld avoids this by continually reinventing the system and imposing additional or expanded agreements on marketers. New projects are pandered with old promises, and old projects with new promises, which are then changed again and sold to the marketers as a new sensation. 

Snowball systems often pursue esoteric and sectarian approaches.

In this case, myWorld can definitely keep up with Lyconet, as there is a clear “code of conduct” for the members. “It had something of a sect”, a local resident described his impressions of the event in June 2019 in the “Veltins-Arena” in Gelsenkirchen to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

The self-proclaimed visionary Hubert Freidl has an affinity with myths and legends anyway.

It is no coincidence that in the past he named his companies after knights such as “Galvagin” or “Lyonesse” after a mysterious place from Arthurian poetry.

“In ancient times, the island kingdom of Lyoness lay off the Scottish coast, but it disappeared, sinking mysteriously under the sea. It is said that when the bells of Lyoness ring out beneath the waves, the kingdom will rise again. Lyoness stands for the beauty and mystery of this underwater kingdom and reminds us that nothing is lost as long as its history lives on”. Fine! As long as new members continue to pay in, Lyoness/Lyconet will remain in the underwater kingdom.

But even King Arthur would rather remind the whole Lyoness system of the “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” than the “Knights of the Round Table”.

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