S-E2CC! “The next paradise is a long way off!”

Disappointed S-E2CC-holders have been offered a supposedly generous upgrade. The current “sheep” have gratefully taken it up, following the herd with their praise. Has BCR/Lyconet told them how this miserable apportionment came to be? Could it have had something to do with unauthorised activity in Turkey? In any case, the same old games still work. A former country package investor summed it up back in August 2013:

“Recruit paying members, then change the agreements and rules, backpedal on promises; once the losses come up, act like they’re saviours and tie up the payments you’re already made in a supposed solution for a few more years. THAT’S LYONESS!”

Nothing has changed after all the new company registrations up to myWorld as what they called an “upgrade” didn’t go “through the roof” to use the BCR/Lyconet terminology, it completely and utterly failed.

Many S-E2CC investors have now confirmed what the member quoted above saw and experienced back in 2013.

On 28 June 2020, one S-E2 investor wrote as follows:

“They sold me something completely different. They told me I’d break even in three years and profit every month after that. They then corrected that claim (after I’d bought in) that it would break even through to maturity and maybe make a small profit. Apart from that, they deleted all the old videos from the BCR Group as they knew full well that they could be taken to court over it. (A screenshot was taken, however)

“Considering that they reached a volume of 42.15 over three years corresponding to around €1.50 per month, the next dividend would amount to €1.50 with the Cloud making a loss of 1,300–1,400.
“I now have three options:

1.   Sue

2.   Sell the Clouds on what they call the Cloud Exchange for half price, and make a 50% loss

3.   Upgrade and wait another three years.”

Another S-E2 investor wrote the following on 29 June 2020:

“Lyoness has been playing the great upgrade game since time immemorial. The promised benefits never came out of these ‘products’ for the discount voucher purchasers. Instead, the upline would tell you to ‘Pay in more, get an upgrade, buy into the new improved Cloud and you’ll get more cash later.’ See a pattern? (Note: More of not much is still not a lot…)

“They start a new game with their super reputable projections every few years, a new product is launched on the market, and you can buy as many discount vouchers as you want if you’re not up to your eyeballs in debt by then. Lyoness is like a black hole. You can throw all your money in, but nothing comes out except bizarre promises. Unless you find enough suckers to follow your lead.”

There’s nothing more to say. According to the motto: “I can only pay my debts if you lend me more money.”

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  1. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    Same system structure since 2003.

    Just a lot of name changes to hide the PONZI practices from the Courts, regulators and fool the gullible brainwashed suckers, who haven’t done their own research and due diligence to keep paying their hard earned money into a BIG BLACK HOLE, to get paid peanuts out of Hubert’s CASH COW called Lyconet that reportedly generates over 90% of his revenues.

    WAKE UP all you brainwashed dreamers and do your own research and due diligence and stop accepting the Corporate SPIN, BS and LIES and statements of others, particularly your sponsor and/ or upline leader as they have a financial interest in you.
    * It’s your MEMBERSHIP!
    * It’s your REPUTATION!
    * It’s your MONEY!
    * It’s your family’s MONEY!
    * It’s your friends MONEY!
    * In some cases, it might be your LIFE SAVINGS.

    I wish you well in your decision making!

    Thankfully, there is now a legal avenue for member victims to get their MONEY BACK, if they choose!!!

    • Jonathan Wygan Fleiderson
      Jonathan Wygan Fleiderson says:

      Ian, Care to share more about this “legal avenue”.
      Thanks, Jonathan

      “Thankfully, there is now a legal avenue for member victims to get their MONEY BACK, if they choose!!!”


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