“Disillusionment in paradise” – S-E2CC apportionment “A truly bizarre experience!”

The S-E2CC apportionment scheduled for 25 March has been postponed twice due to COVID-19 and software problems. Payday was now 26 June 2020. Even so, enthusiasm amongst Cloud investors has been rather muted. The familiar Lyconet and BCR pushers have probably already taken their cut.

There have always been complaints from Cloud investors, even back in the days of the country packages where absolutely nothing “went through the roof” and the “passive income” never materialised.

Even so, the number of complaints has been extraordinarily large in this Cloud scheme. 

“What a load of rubbish they told us!” – “Is this what we’ve been waiting three years for?” – “Thanks for nothing!” to quote some of the e-mails we have been receiving.

Excerpt from one e-mail (we have the original):

“… I invested in the SE2 Cloud scheme two years ago on the recommendation of a former friend, a BCR member.

The payment date was finally scheduled for 25 March 2020, and at long last, today is payday.

What happened next in the back office was truly bizarre.

A Cloud I’d invested €XXXX in had yielded a bit over € 40. After three years of waiting.

I’ve been saddled with a total loss of more than € XXXXX, and I know plenty of people who have invested in these and other “Clouds” … I was at the BCR conference in February and May 2018.

I also went to plenty of business briefings where they were raving about passive income the whole time.

I can name names: Andreas Matuska, Markus Käfer, Sebastian Hager, Mario Kapun, Giuliano Esposito, Ferhat Güngor, Daniel Rummler, Gerry und Walther Seebacher, Thomas Knittl, Fabian Lehner

All these people called on us to invest in their Cloud scheme presenting their amazing ROC projections.

I could go on for hours about all the promises they made.”

In keeping with the Cloud apportionment, BCR blowhard A. Matuska tried to pull the wool over the eyes of his followers in a video message; this is what he wrote:


The company apologises for the delay due to COVID-19 and will be rewarding all SE2 CLOUD investors with a payout for ONE ADDITIONAL YEAR! (SE2 was still an old Cloud scheme)

We’ll also be booking a FREE FULL SHARE in Enterprise Cloud 4 for every SE2 Cloud investor, so every SE2 Cloud investor will be participating in all 47 countries FOR LIFE :)”

This is how you keep your downline under control – just up the antes a little.

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  1. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    Just love this comment directed at the brainwashed dreamers, who have been suckered into a prize seat on the TITANIC
    ……………………… ..
    Every SE2 cloud owner also gets a FULL SHARE of the Enterprise Cloud 4 for FREE, and thus every SE2 cloud owner is also LIFELY involved in all 47 countries ”

    This way you can keep your downline under control by “simply hanging the sausage a little higher.”


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