“Cave painting” by myWorld! 100 million members in the next three years! Amazon and Alibaba will be replaced as world market leaders!

Once again, A. Matuska worked himself up into an enraged diatribe with the style and sophistication of a five-year-old from a Viennese housing estate in the webinar of 20 June 2020. Yes, mistakes had been made in the past. The system had been too complicated, but now everything was more transparent and simplified as he explained in his apparent enlightenment.

After all the guff we have been served up with from these Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld spin merchants these past few years, the changes announced as a “quantum leap” at the webinars of 12 and 20 June 2020 go to show once again the vapid dreamworld the members have been lured into. Even back in in 2009/2010/2013/2014 and 2015, they were making lots of proclamations that there would only be the Lyoness Cashback Card in the next two years and there would be no way of getting around it; there was even talk of world domination.

Now they have set their sights on a total of a hundred million people recruited as new members within the next two years, even though nobody knows how many members the pyramid scheme actually has up to now. No reliable figures have yet been published; just vague numbers calculated from the proceeds from Cloud sales as well as “issued but unused cards” as they had mentioned years ago but never verified. This is the continuous increase in member numbers that myWorld/Lyconet likes to project. Cashback World should finally publish how many of the issued cards have actually been activated and used. The fact of the matter is that whenever figures had to be published, the upshot was that around ninety percent of the proceeds came from selling the Cloud and ten percent from Cashback World. The rest is simple mathematics. So where on earth are all the alleged billions in proceeds announced in the webinars coming from?

This harks back to the MasterCard lie – and how they were congratulating themselves in the social media back then. “It’s all going through the roof now” – “Anyone that’s not in on it now is forfeiting their own future” – “Lyoness will be making us all rich” – “In two years there’ll only be Lyoness MasterCard” etc. etc. But it was all a pack of lies to recruit new members. The same goes for the Austrian BAWAG Card.

They should just disclose all their figures at myWorld – for all business divisions. After years of demands from the Norwegian authorities, they were finally forced to disclosure there and Lyoness/Lyconet was prohibited – even if A. Matuska still denies it.

Personal note: Comparing Hubert Freidl with Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Jack Ma of Alibaba is hard to beat in terms of flagrant ignorance and gall. The latter two gentlemen are genuine creators, and this Hubert Freidl seriously wants us to believe that he and his merry band of pushers will be taking the lead off these two companies in two years. Even the thoroughly brainwashed myWorld sheep are starting to come to their senses; quoting BCR president Andreas Matuska and his new favourite word repeated an untold number of times at the last seminar: “SICK!”

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  1. Jhonny Moon
    Jhonny Moon says:

    Here I see so clear that you writer don’t know anything about entrepreneurship and business.
    I don’t know much about MasterCard but this wasn’t lie. Why the hell this company should roll out the thing that does not make sense? So they I guess cancelled this project because of reason. If some marketer will oversell this company, is it a lie? Is this company fault if someone can’t explain the concept well? Don’t blame Company or Owner of the company if there is behind INDEPENDENT MARKETER… you know what does this INDEPENDENT MARKETER mean? This means that there are INDEPENDENT people behind for which the company is not responsible – that means if some A Matuska is peaking some bullshit then this is not company’s fault.

  2. Derek
    Derek says:

    Well it is apparent that poor individual doesn th know anything about entrepreneurship. I have been self employed most of my life. NEVER in that time have I come across an organisation that lied and misled the very people who funded and built their business. The clouds NEVER added up right from the start. Any one who believes in this toxic company clearly cannot read. Their own agreement is completly designed to ensure that Hubert gets the bulk of the money. There is not a single lyoness program in the world that has actually paid pout for the little people who funded it.
    CBW one of the most unethical companies in the world.


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