Trouble in paradise! S-E2CC apportionment postponed again!

After repeated delays in the S-E2CC apportionment, the new date is now 26 June 2020.

The previously planned apportionments were repeatedly postponed due to Corona whereas payments into the Enterprise Cloud X scheme went perfectly smoothly. Software issues were a popular justification back in the times of the country packages too.

Upline has been reacting with increasing hostility and aggressiveness towards members enquiring on the whereabouts of their invested funds.

We have recordings and messages from Lyconet and BCR groups where members were immediately blocked or removed just for enquiring about S-E2CC apportionment within the group. One particularly brazen case saw a marketer trying to explain the behaviour of a certain Markus Käfer and so on. In his opinion, it was “unacceptable for people to think they could demand a response from a president in the group” – “The management has better things to do, ask the office if you have any issues.” However, the office is still sending automatic e-mail responses with reference to the corona crisis, depending on the enquiry. Despite all this, they are still pushing their alleged new transparency with upline providing everyone with support, but evidently only if they are existing members bringing new members into the pyramid scheme. As if the “chief honchos” like Matuska, Käfer and Oreggia could “walk on water.”

What a cushy number – anyone with questions can expect to be thrown of the group, people should not be bothering upline with such matters.

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