Lyoness USA is only represented in Fort Lauderdale and is not in India

But people have sold country packages for the USA and India, and spoken of “incomparable expansion”. Lyoness customers are eagerly awaiting an explanation as to why Lyoness has almost disappeared in the USA and why India can no longer be found anywhere on their list of countries.


Lyoness USA:

My research in the USA has revealed that only Lyoness Management Americas Inc., which is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (in 474 3351 Delaware Secretary of State), is represented in this country and registered as a private-person company. Besides Lyoness Switzerland, national firms are registered which have headquarters in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. The imposing representations in California and the Empire State Building have disappeared. There was no one to be found in the Fort Lauderdale offices. According to local information, there was only a virtual office, with the option of offering “day offices”.

And even this firm – the sole company listed on Lyoness’ list of countries – has had an outstanding debt recovery claim of $7,769 since March 2016.

Lyoness India:

Lyoness India is also nowhere to be found on Lyoness’ list of countries, although the brand has supposedly been operating there for three years. I have already made a report of the problems at that location.

“Lyoness India Private Limited”, 2nd Floor A-288 Defence Colony Delhi, South Delhi 110024 IN, was not founded until 15 May 2015 (when it was founded in a hurry). Daina Daubare, a known Lyoness protagonist, and Yasir Arafat were registered as their directors. This registration described their corporate purpose as law, auditing and accounting, tax consultancy, market research and polls, and corporate and management consultancy. To date, Lyoness has been given no authorisation to use their feigned programmes in India.

We wish Lyoness would explain to its members why the national participations sold wholeheartedly years ago were apparently a marketing scam, just like the Lyoness MasterCard.

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