Lyoness sues and opts for a step forward in India!

Oh dear……Lyoness is suing for business and reputational damage. We´re not particularly concerned about this claim, the articles published are well researched and all facts described accordingly.

Lyoness India had disappeared from the “Country List” for several weeks; only in the member area the appearance of an active company had been kept. After the publication of yesterday´s article, India suddenly appeared again on the Country List as LYONESS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED! But what does this company actually do in India?

NO PURCHASING GROUP FOR SURE! And if so…, again without a permit!

Because…the registered business purpose of this company is: Accounting and auditing; tax advice; market research and opinion polls; business and management consulting.

Of course we immediately informed the authorities in India about this. Die-hard Lyoness members should look for businesses in India that accept the Cashback Card on the Lyoness website – just 1 – and compare them to the amassed funds.

Lyoness’ claim that they verify the legal provisions of a country prior to beginning their business operations is an outright lie. The distribution structure “invaded” the countries, so to speak. It sold the locals the fairy tale of “the first hour of opportunity” and diligently amassed money.

Most of the times, a branch office of Lyoness Management GmbH was later set up in the country and they tried to establish a national company. However, the purpose of these national companies was/is only to suggest a hint of credibility, to be able to continue selling “packages etc.” as their core business.


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