Accounts blocked for those who do not switch to mSP. Final total fraud?! 

Those who refuse to switch to worthless stocks have their account access blocked. Many complaints have been received from Cloud owners who simply have their account access blocked and the repayment of deposited funds denied. They were assured that nothing would change for the remaining Cloud owners. Another example of how much trust can be placed in statements by Hubert Freidl. That is, none! Is this what customer fraud looks like? 

t’s unbelievable how indifferent a supposed gift is being promoted to Cloud owners. A gift that nobody wants and even fewer need. 

‘Your Gift’ is declared as the transition to worthless company shares as stocks and is intended to persuade the Cloud owner to agree to a switch to mSP. Anyone who still agrees to this, given all recent insights, cannot be helped. 

This forced transition is emphasized as an ‘important note,’ although it should be understood as a pure threat. 

Important Notice: (translation)

Dear Lyoness Member, due to the bankruptcy of Lyoness International AG and Lyoness Europe AG, we regret to inform you that you and your customers can no longer benefit from the myWorld advantages when shopping at myWorld and its partner companies. If you wish to continue enjoying the myWorld benefits and refer customers and partner companies, a re-registration with myWorld or Lyconet is required. 

The members can no longer participate in the myWorld program due to bankruptcy and must perform a new registration with Lyconet/myWorld. Naturally, agreeing to the transition to mSP is required during the new registration. 

The whole process is a complete farce; Freidl and Co. should be ashamed of deceiving their marketers in this way. 

However, this process has already been analyzed and reported, thereby potentially fulfilling the legal requirement for concealing a punishable act. 

There is a growing sense that Freidl and his leadership team no longer care, especially since a large part of their operations are already conducted from South America. 

We will stay on this.  

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