Opinion of Hubert Freidl! Creative but forgetful and ridiculous.   

Freidl’s statements to the WKStA are either creative or confused.  

As is already known, Hubert Freidl is currently under investigation by various public prosecutors on suspicion of the crime of commercial fraud. In January of this year, Freidl made a 73-page written statement via his lawyers Brandl & Talos in response to questions from the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office and claims to not be aware of any guilt.   

It is now well known that the Lyoness, Lyconet and myWorld companies are not lacking in creativity.  Bogus companies, straw managers, frequent changes and replacement of contractual partners, sophisticated deceptive acts, empty promises or allegedly delaying insolvency are common methods used to avoid liability, lawsuits and the associated repayments.  

The allegedly fraudulent business model, which serves to raise capital from the payments made by “members”, urgently needs to be kept going, as this is the only way to keep the cogs in the system turning.  


From a purely mathematical standpoint and according to various economic reports, Freidl’s system is not in a position to produce reliable balance sheets. Incomplete or non-existent bookkeeping, constantly changing company and product names, as well as nesting in the form of a matryoshka make it difficult for the authorities to see through the system and carry out proper investigations.  

The list of obstacles goes on and on: permanent changes to general terms and conditions and constantly new supplementary agreements, conspicuous name changes and restructuring, constant renaming of identical investment products, deliberately opaque and misleading descriptions of the business model and so on…  

The sham separation of the Lyoness buying group and Lyconet as a marketing program was an attempt to circumvent consumer protection and the associated stricter laws in the event of a lawsuit.   

The statement:  

In order to refute the allegations against him, Freidl or the law firm Brandl Talos uses original and imaginative methods of argumentation in the statement, which sometimes make the previous statements absurd.  

Naturally, efforts are being made to maintain the cover and general lack of transparency, as the noose continues to tighten.  

In the meantime, numerous members of the upper business elite are fleeing the country and resigning from their official positions in order to avoid prosecution.   

However, after investigating the deceptive scheme in more detail, it becomes clear that the main focus of Freidl’s business model is on acquiring new paying members rather than selling products and benefiting from cashback.  

The link with a buying group is merely a disguise to attract more members as paying marketers.   

In his statement, Freidl repeatedly emphasizes that although he is the beneficial owner of the companies in question, he had already withdrawn from the operational business in 2015. He added that he had not caused any misunderstandings with regard to the understanding of the system and business model. He addressed the considerable size of the company and any fake social media accounts. In order to avoid ambiguity and confusion, it is important to always explain and present the business model in a consistent manner due to the supposedly huge number of members. Marketers are obliged to use only official material to present the system in order to recruit new members. It is not entirely possible to completely control or prevent the spread of false information.  

However, Freidl claims to not be personally at fault, as he had never met or informed the plaintiffs personally and did not know them.   

He therefore believes that the marketers who make false promises to prospective customers are more to blame and that they should be held legally accountable.   

We will explain and publish the statement in more detail in the following articles without jeopardizing the ongoing proceedings.   

So stay tuned, it’s worth it! We will stand up for you!  

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