myWorld companies now BENEFIT4ME! myWorld Enterprise Ltd. dissolved despite liabilities with Final Gazette.

From Enterprise Cloud 4, investors were to participate in the net profit of myWorld Enterprise Ltd, but the term of EC 8 actually runs until 26.01.2025. MyWorld Enterprise Ltd has now been dissolved! Total economic loss? Freidl remains silent on this.

Freidl leaves nothing to be unturned to deprive cloud owners of their rights and is probably trying to cover his tracks. Further evidence can be provided to the public prosecutor’s office. 

However, a “Final Gazette” is registered with myWorld Enterprise Limited. 

What does this mean in concrete terms?

A “Final Gazette” notice indicates that a company is being wound up. This means that the company has been struck off the Companies House register and therefore ceases to exist as a legal entity. This can of course be very unsettling for unsuspecting company directors and creditors.

What happens to the company’s liabilities to various creditors is anyone’s guess.

In England, the companies are reshuffled and renamed. 

It is well known that Hubert Freidl is quite resourceful when it comes to naming his companies. After the company names Lyoness and Lyconet were banned as pyramid schemes and their names suffer from a bad reputation internationally, the attempt was made to establish a reputable and unencumbered branding with myWorld. Now the first myWorld companies in the UK have been renamed BENEFIT4ME. 

The fact that the Lyoness, Lyconet and myWorld companies are linked was denied for a long time. In the meantime, however, Hubert Freidl has confirmed this himself in a 73-page statement dated January 24, 2024 on the investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and this should not be disputed.

Freidl’s confidant and Lyoness veteran Marko Sedovnik has already been removed from his positions as a director of the myWorld Limited companies in the UK and banned for two years by a court order of the Cardiff Commercial Court on February 16, 2024.

The following myWorld companies have already been renamed BENEFIT4ME:

myWorld Global Ltd. now BENEFIT4ME Global Ltd.

myWorld Logistic Ltd. now BENEFIT4ME Logistic Ltd.

myWorld International Ltd. now BENEFIT4ME International Ltd.

myWorld Holdings Ltd. now BENEFIT4ME Holdings Ltd.

myWorld Media Ltd. now BENEFIT4ME Media Ltd.

BENEFIT4ME sounds quite appealing, but the LLM (Lyoness-Lyconet-myWorld) system is still behind it, no matter what you call it now.

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