Call / myWorld messages in circulation!

Dear customers,

Lyconet is currently sending out a request to the remaining cloud holders that those who have not switched to the worthless myWorld Share program by 15 April 2024 will be forcibly transferred to the myWorld SharePoint Asia program.

In Sweden, for example, a deadline of June 6, 2024 has been set for the accounts to be transferred to myWorld International AG, based in Graz, without consent. The notification points out that the member’s account will be terminated if no acception concerning the transfer takes place.

In general, the previous Cashback World program will be renamed myWorld Benefit program.

The forced changeover without consent should not be legally valid, just like most of the arbitrary methods used so far, as can be read in numerous legally binding judgments. There is also no mention of how the money already paid in by marketers is to be refunded.

As is probably well known, Freidl’s LLM system does not provide for the funds to be paid out. Furthermore, it seems obvious that all further and ongoing commissions are to be withheld from the member.

Anyone who has received such or a similar letter should forward it to us. Please send it to [email protected] or [email protected] !

Many thanks for your cooperation

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