Hubert Freidl believes his marketers are responsible and feels misunderstood. 

In the past, Hubert Freidl has motivated his closest underlings before events with the slogan “Let’s go and pick up fools”, as can be seen from investigation files.  

He likes to present himself with a clean slate and in beautiful pictures, but he claims to not be aware of any guilt.  

If anyone is to blame, it is the victims themselves and marketers who made false promises. Freidl claims to have had nothing more to do with the Lyoness / Lyocnet / myWorld companies since 2015 anyway. 

You just have to believe that smile and that’s what Freidl is counting on! 

As part of the ongoing proceedings against Hubert Freidl, the Austrian Public Prosecutors Office for White Collar Crime & Corruption (WKStA) asked the founder of Lyoness, Lyconet and myWorld companies for a personal statement, Freidl responded to this request in writing via his lawyers in January of this year.  

In doing so, he leaves no stone unturned to pull his own head out of the noose and reveals shabby business behavior.  

The law firm Brandl Talos did not disclose Freidl’s current whereabouts in the 73 pages, which leaves room for speculation. 

Freidl’s lack of understanding towards marketers who misunderstood the information provided and did not fulfil their tasks correctly, or did not understand the system in the slightest, is outrageous!  

Instead of blaming himself and his “so called” elite, he blames the marketers. 

“The incompetence of numerous ill-informed, unsuccessful and unmotivated marketers caused the debacle.”  

It is perfectly possible to earn good money as a marketer if you show the necessary commitment and dedication.  

Every commercial success has to be hard-earned, which is not a speciality, but applies to every self-employed activity. However, it is questionable whether people who have signed a Lyconet agreement can be described as self-employed entrepreneurs.  According to Freidl, anyone who believes that you can build up a passive income by simply leaning back has simply not understood the system.  

Freidl emphasizes that misunderstandings have occasionally occurred in the past due to misinformation from members who did not adhere to the company’s communication, in some cases, the business model was only explained by acquaintances or their direct referrers.  

These ambiguities had led to the assumption that significant remuneration could be expected without the establishment of a high-revenue sales network.

Every marketer is obliged to use only official information material to explain the company’s philosophy in order to acquire potential new members, failure to comply with these requirements would be a violation of company guidelines.

However, as can be seen from the numerous online seminars available, there is talk of “passive income” and this is backed up with graphics from Lyconet itself. Despite various measures and the provision of official marketing material, there were always people who ignored all official information.  

However, as can be seen from the numerous online seminars available, there is talk of “passive income” and this is backed up with graphics from Lyconet itself.

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