Ominous third-party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself!

As already published on 01.07.2016 via various media, there is no business relationship between Lyoness and Mastercard. The Lyoness press spokeswoman Ms. Kelemen was still clueless, the Mastercard was only a test balloon anyway and Lyoness itself was the victim of a “third-party provider”!

Research into the ominous third-party provider has shown that it was, in fact, the company “MyCard International LLC”. The person responsible for this company is Gerhard Buckholz, i.e. Lyoness itself. Gerhard Buckholz left Lyoness IMEA SA on 21.12.2015 and is now retired. Parallel to his work at Lyoness IMEA SA, he had founded the company “MyCard International LLC” based in Gibraltar together with Hubert Freidl in 2014. The story about the “Lyoness Mastercard” seems to be completed – from the start everyone was deceived and lied to in connection with the Mastercard!

Screenshot der Website
Freidl’s Mastercarddream!
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