Crypto collapse ZENIQ / Safir / Xera Pro: From hyped hub to global scam? Public prosecutor’s office investigates.

Beware of this hype! What you should know about the ZENIQ / Safir / Xera Pro crypto construct and its sales model

The blockchain world is constantly changing, and new products often promise revolutionary changes. One of these supposed revolutions in recent years has been the ZENIQ Hub, touted as an innovative device for managing digital assets and marketed by ZENIQ/Safir. But behind the glittering promises lurk potential risks that need to be considered – especially with familiar scheme and dubious MLM sales structures.

There are some prominent individuals and distributors associated with the ZENIQ Hub and its distribution system – including from the Lyoness/Lyconet/MyWorld circle of players already thoroughly documented here. These individuals play a key role in technical distribution, especially through the MLM model. Some of the names will already be familiar to you.

In the following series of articles on Safir/ZENIQ/Xera Pro, we will tell you how it all began, what is behind this construct, what the status quo is and how it could develop further. 

Vougee GmbH: Where and how it all began

It was at the end of 2019 when yet another ‘revolution’ in the highly dynamic blockchain industry made headlines: the ‘hardware wallet’ or ‘hub’, a tablet-like computer, was planned as an ‘all-rounder’ for blockchain-based applications – from minting and storage to the decentralized, so-called ‘peer-to-peer’ exchange of crypto coins, everything was to be possible with this new type of crypto gadget. 

The initiator of the project was Peter Skerl, who had already designed a predecessor under the name ‘Demontis’ with his company ‘Vougee GmbH’ in 2018, and was now responsible for the technical implementation.

According to the information available to us, Skerl did not have the necessary financial resources and went in search of further investors to finance the project. 

Drum roll: finding investors and building up sales

One of the main investors was the holding company ‘Geneirah Group Ltd.’ based in the UAE. During this start-up phase, the Swiss-based JUWELIS Group also became involved in Skerl’s project and appointed the Austrian Dr. E. Dokter as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of JUWELIS Digital Systems AG to set up production.

The super gadget, now known as the ‘JUWELIS HUB 01’, was to be delivered in limited editions from 1 August 2020, and Dr. E. Dokter et al. were heavily involved in promoting it. Jan Bollmeyer, an independent sales representative from Germany, was primarily responsible for sales. 

Delivery bottlenecks: an ambitious project comes to a standstill

As the delivery of the devices was delayed several times, the JUWELIS Group demanded access to all documents and information on the utilization of the investments made to date. This was refused by Skerl and Dokter, and what’s more, the current contracts were cancelled by Vougee GmbH from one day to the next.

Since then, the JUWELIS Group has vehemently distanced itself from the further activities of Skerl, Dokter & Co. and is also taking legal action against them in Austria, Switzerland and, since 2023, also in Germany, see

According to the JUWELIS Group, Dr. E. Dokter continued to operate JUWELIS GmbH in Austria without its consent.

This is where a gentleman comes into play who you may already know from other scam structures: Gernot Winter. In July 2020, Dokter sold JUWELIS GmbH to Winter, who renamed the company ‘Zentatec GmbH’. 

Wrong game: the structures are branching out

Dokter had already made other plans in June 2020 without the knowledge of the JUWELIS Group: He acquired SAFIR International Ltd. based in the UAE. At the same time, Skerl is said to have acquired pre-programmed MLM software in September 2020 and adapted it to the CI specifications of Safir International Ltd. 

In the web-shop, a pre-sales campaign of the hub between September and December 2020 already generated around USD 1 million in revenue – of which up to 69 per cent was to be distributed as commissions to the previously recruited MLM distributors. 

Momentum of its own: How the MLM machinery takes on a life of its own

According to the information available to us, Erwin Dokter was responsible for the development of MLM-based sales in over 80 countries -and quite obviously successful, because the circle of “independent” MLM promoters also includes such colourful names as Werner Kaiser, who may be familiar to some from our Lyoness/Lyconet/MyWorld research.

According to our information, the Safir Group recorded revenues in the three-digit million range and over one million customers (data records) in its very first year. Instead of distributing 69 per cent of the revenue to the independent MLM distributors as planned.

If you are affected, please contact us and we will be grateful for any further information or insider knowledge.

Stay tuned, it will continue shortly…………..

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