Lyoness Europe AG / Summons to court for bankruptcy proceedings! myWorld International AG and the alleged plan behind it!

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, Lyoness Europe AG, with its registered office in Buchs, has a summons at the District Court of Werderberg-Sarganserland/Switzerland.

This application was made on behalf of a Swiss claimant, as Lyoness refused to pay his five-digit claim amount, although the claim was confirmed by a Swiss court.

We are publishing this in order to show how Hubert Freidl is now trying to avoid his obligations and is creating new problems for himself with his, for us, “faked IPO”.

myWorld International AG and the alleged plan behind it!

What is going on in the minds of the marketers who are clinging to this IPO can only be guessed at. For it defies all logic and normal stock market procedures.

myWorld International AG still owes its prospective shareholders some answers.

Where is the verified stock exchange readiness on the part of a financial authority?

On which stock exchange is the share listed?

Do the marketers really believe that the share will be traded somewhere at the time of the elite seminar in Gelsenkirchen? Certainly not!

Company shares are issued and sold to marketers as shares

with printed certificates. For this reason Hubert Freidl

recently increased the share capital of his myWorld

International AG to 100,000,000 million EURO for little


This way he can bind all compliant marketers who have switched to mSP with his restricted shares for further years. In this way he can gradually turn the shares in myWorld International AG into money for his personal benefit and you marketers/shareholders whoes money is held there can only watch.

Because without the consent of myWorld International AG, they are not even allowed to sell their own shares.

Apart from that, who would want this worthless piece of paper?

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