myWorld Outlook for June 2023! IPO already a farce!

In the regular Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld “outlook” video message, founder Hubert Freidl first shows the highlights from the Leader Seminar and Leader Convention in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the company elites celebrate each other and work on their next coup. New Slovenian presidents are praised as successful marketers. Those who know Lyconet also know that it won’t last, since the marketers quickly burn out and seek their fortune elsewhere.  

According to the video, there is a new Lyconet International Headquarters in Graz, directly connected to myWorld, but the photo or video evidence of it does not look very convincing. Otherwise, the focus is on customers, partners, and the expansion of the shopping community: new CMO Denise Stadtegger talks about a new app, improvement of the landing page and product ads tailored to customers. Additionally, there will be a “how it works page” to explain the advantages of the business model.   

Source: Lyconet

Customers, products, customer-oriented online tools? It all sounds good, doesn’t it? But what is suddenly no longer talked about is the IPO. There is constant talk of the “EVENT”, but it seems as if no one dares to use the word “IPO” directly anymore. Instead of receiving information about it, members are encouraged to invest money in new incentive programs.  

To attract new SMEs as partners, there is the “myworld free partnership program”. With every one-time order, you get partnership codes that waive the set-up fee for the new partner. With the promo code commission, marketers supposedly receive 1 % of the turnover from the new partner. As always, those codes are “limited” and you have to hurry.  

According to Sharif Omar, everything is just fine in Asia, business info’s are supposedly held every day and everywhere. On 30th of June, the next myWorld press conference Asia is expected, where their new strategies and technologies will be explained and presented. Hubert Freidl will probably also be in Kuala Lumpur, as well as Alfin Abu Talib, the CEO of myWorld Asia, who is already known from the last press conference.  

Finally, Gelsenkirchen is mentioned: Sharif Omar affirms that if one knew everything that was going on in the background regarding the event, one would not be able to sleep until the event. We are convinced that considering the thousands of euros that marketers have paid for their shares so far, they have not been able to sleep well for quite some time. 

“We will distribute the myWorld International shares live at the event”

“From this moment on, you will be a shareholder

Source: Lyconet
Source: Lyconet

The IPO seems to lose its importance, but according to Hubert Freidl, you will become a shareholder at the event. If you go through the know-your-customer process, sign “legal documentations” by June 30th and are physically present at the event on both days. If you still have money to spare, you can book the Platinum Lounge, which costs 299 euros on top of the ticket price. In return, you get fast track, better seats, catering and a translation service.   

Finally, the next “opportunity”, called Dragon Contest is thrown out there: for every SP order placed in June you get double the benefits. It looks like they really have to milk it before the discontent among the marketers increases again if the IPO falls flat.  

There is no information about when and where the IPO will take place and at what price the shares will be published. One can only wonder about this “IPO”, as well as what will be offered to the members as replacement. 

More on the KYC process next week!

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