Chain stores keep their distance from Lyoness

Lyoness likes to adorn itself with borrowed plumes and published the names of several “partners” on its website – e.g. Kika/Leiner,, Lego, Microsoft, Nike, Nordsee, OMV, Stiefelkönig, Palmers, Swarovski… and many more. Sometimes these don´t even know about it.

Ralph Lauren is one of those that didn´t know it was a “partner”. Douglas and Palmers are opposed to collaborating with Lyoness. Toys’r’Us, Delka, Salamander and Vögele… they don´t want to be called a Lyoness partner either. Chain stores are opposing this and some of them are already preparing legal measures against Lyoness. Lyoness is losing all the big, driving names and the air is getting thinner for the purchasing group.

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