Hubert Friedl and Lyoness/Lyconet´s missed opportunity

Even in everyday life it is sometimes not easy to accept well-meant advice of competent people. In H. Friedl´s case this seems to be impossible.

H. Friedl seems to be a spiritual person, but no trace of a kind enlightening can be found here. “Burning like a flaming fire” is a more accurate definition. Even if Lyoness is often criticized, the founding idea was a good thing! Greed and the temptation to “eat the fruit of the forbidden tree” seem to have prevailed.

Lyconet seemed to be right on track: this was the opportunity for H. Friedl´s company Lyoness to become respectable and to get on a “clean path”, free of old liabilities. Only a few weeks after founding Lyconet, H. Friedl took back large parts of his “Our business will become respectable” plan. What is left of Lyconet? Not much!

Lyconet is actually a “shell company” serving only as a track switch – the whole transaction is still completed by Lyoness.


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