Lyoness´ nomadic renting with previously undetected liabilities???

During the year 2012, Lyoness staff enjoyed the best view of the restoration work at “Maxtower” from their location at Kärntnerstraße in Graz. Practically live and in full color they experienced the building’s core removal, and now this. There has to be tenants that like to move out (or relocate) hastily over night? At the time of the construction phase, the developer himself provided customized rooms to Lyoness, and even so they move out in such a hurry? It´s not relevant if the rent due amounts to € 800.000 or € 231.000, Lyoness has obvious payment problems.

This brings us to the most recent research findings and so far unknown facts about Lyoness.

Soon we will drop a bombshell here!

We already presented a complaint with our research findings so far to the Public Prosecutor´s Office in Vienna and are looking forward to their explanations. We were able to collect more information in two weeks of intensive research than the Public Prosecutor´s Office in three years. What´s wrong with the Austrian judicial system??? In addition we´ve brought hundreds of criminal charges at 42 German Prosecutor´s Offices.

Stay tuned – there is more, something even we wouldn´t have believed!

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