Lyoness held court and curries favor at blood weddings

Lyoness has cause for celebration in Austria. It was such a nice press conference on April 28, 2016 in “Presseclub-Concordia” in Vienna – the management presented themselves cheerfully and were hopeful to find a new partner to become part of the “happy” society. Hubert Friedl was radiant and had a relieved expression. He has been temporarily spared several year´s imprisonment.

The aircraft technicians at Graz´s airport must have felt relieved, as the “Lyoness fleet” doesn´t have to keep the motors running and ready for and escape and alarm take off anymore.

At the press conference, Dr. Reif came out of his rabbit hole and turned out to be a real chatterbox, while the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. A. Werner, seemed to be sitting on the jump seat.

In relation to the Lyoness aircraft fleet, nobody seemed to have a clue and it became obvious that it was an unpleasant topic and no attempts at explaining had been prepared by the protagonists. The truth is that Lyoness has enough capital – otherwise they couldn´t afford a small aircraft fleet in Graz and Switzerland.

The investigations for violation of the Capital Market Law (KMG) against Lyoness Europe AG and its funder Hubert Friedl continue, said a spokesperson of the Prosecutor´s Office Against Economic Crime and Corruption to the Austrian Press Agency. Lyoness is confronted here with violations of the Capital Market Law concerning the duty to publish prospectuses.

Still open are also the lawsuits of the Austrian Association for Consumer Information (VKI) concerning their Terms and Conditions. Two instances have already declared 61 clauses of Lyoness Terms and Conditions as well as the addition “So called Term and Conditions for Premium Members” to be illegal.

In the past, Lyoness has always tried to argue that all members paying into the system should be considered entrepreneurs. “That became snubbed in court several times” At the beginning of the year 2016 the Commercial Court, Vienna (HG) stated that a part of Lyoness´ business model is an illegal pyramid scheme. Lyoness´ attorney Hubert Reif stated in a press conference in Vienna that he assumed the verdict was final – he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Lyoness International AG. Reif emphasized once more that all judicial problems were only related to a small line of the Lyoness system, namely the network marketing. All this is “water under the bridge now”, he said, because the network marketing had been abandoned in Austria in that form on 2012. We have proof of the contrary – the filing cabinets at our office are less full, but newly aggrieved customers fill them again and again (for more information read our article “Our daily office routine with Lyoness“!)

To be continued!


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