myWorld Enterprise Ltd. in London dissolved and sports sponsorship in Chat!  

MyWorld dissolves MYWORLD ENTERPRISE LTD, registered in London, England. According to an insider, various funds have apparently been channeled through the company accounts of the GBP 100 company since 2018.

In view of the current investigations by public prosecutors, the companies would gradually be disposed of by deleting them.  

Various accounts in Malta have also already been terminated and funds transferred. In fact, the company never actually existed, as it had no offices of its own and all other companies in the myWorld Group were/are registered at this address C/O Price & Accountants Ltd Wework, 3 Waterhouse Square, 138-142 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW, United Kingdom. This C/O designation enables postal delivery without the recipient having their own letterbox. In addition, myWorld has never properly complied with its reporting obligations in England, as all Gazette reports prove, as BEKM has already reported several times.   

Top marketer Markus Käfer on sports sponsorship  

Once again, there are heated discussions in the chat threads of the internal Lyconet/myWorld groups. As always, marketers are dissatisfied with the company’s approach and wonder about unanswered questions. Sooner or later, despite all the secrecy, the truth seems to come to light, sometimes even through the company’s own top marketers.   

Markus Käfer explained in a chat group that the sponsorship of sports clubs was used exclusively to obtain the addresses of the clubs’ members and fans in order to lure them into the Ponzi scheme with the idea of cashback. One marketer rightly remarked that Lyconet had money for sponsorships but had not managed to build up a dealer network in 20 years. Käfer now presents himself as a stock market expert on the worthless eCredits and talks about the even more worthless Blocktrade platforms as if they were the Holy Grail. His special skill, however, seems to be kicking marketers out of groups who simply want answers after years of deception. 



Do the white label sponsor contracts with clubs still exist? I haven’t heard from any clubs that have advertised for myWorld since 2019. If there are still clubs, where can I find something about them? If there were no more advertising partners like Motor GP and CO, I would be curious to know why. Can someone please tell me something? 🙂 

Käfer Markus 

You have to check directly with marketing or on the website … If some have been terminated, then that’s completely normal. Sponsorship contracts only make sense if there is a corresponding value in return. 


What returns where there in the past for the clubs from myWorld? 

Käfer Markus 

Registrations and turnover  


The company should put millions into online marketing rather than putting even more into clubs, as this will result in more registrations (my opinion ^^) Anyone who paid attention to the KickOff or the recent calls knows what the plan is for this. 

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