Lyconet is trying to force its members to relinquish their remaining rights! 

When logging into the Lyconet/myWorld back office, members are forced to accept the switch to mSP. In some cases, members have managed to circumvent this up to this day, in some cases it is no longer possible for members to do anything in the back office without accepting the new system with a click.   

By accepting the new terms and conditions, you waive your previous entitlement to payouts via the previous system, meaning you lose all the points you have collected so far and switch to the myWorld share program. Since the General Terms and Conditions were recently declared null and void by the Supreme Court up to and including 2021, we believe that no one should switch to mSP. MyWorld is also threatening to terminate members accounts if they do not agree to switch to mSP.  

There has never been and never will be an IPO in this sense, therefore you get shares that can only be traded internally, with consent and after a lock-up period of 18 months on an internal and insignificant backyard platform. This means that marketers can only sell their shares to other marketers. But what value can these shares have after the lock-up period has expired if all marketers want to sell their shares at the same time because they finally want to see money for their investments?   

And where is the increase in value supposed to come from? Just because myWorld itself lists the shares at a higher value every few weeks does not mean that there is an actual value behind it. Whatever the basis of calculation, the balance sheets of myWorld International AG do not suggest such high value.    

We would like to warn members against switching to the worthless mSP system and point out that members who have been terminated can still make claims. 

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