There’s no end to the IPO fantasies! Annual General Meeting on January 18th, 2024, at 6 p.m. at the Helmut List Hall in Graz.  

After the IPO was announced, carried out, revised, relativized and finally supposedly never took place in the sense that it was supposed to, something is about to happen again: An IPO, you guessed it. Without ever having responded to any demand from marketers or investors, myWorld International AG is acting in its usual manner as if nothing had ever happened and is already selling another IPO. And once again Hubert Freidl is scattering crumbs to attract new members…….…but since these are only restricted B shares anyway, the holders have no voting rights and can save themselves this show!  

An Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of myWorld International AG will take place on January 18th, 2024, in the Helmut List Hall in Graz. With so many shareholders, the location is rather modest in terms of seating, especially as the atmosphere is unlikely to be positive. Shares that are virtually worthless, no admission to an official stock exchange, fictitious share values, non-reliable share values and so on.  

Marketers were informed in November in internal WhatsApp groups that they had to take care of their shares before the end of the year if there had been any problems with the KYC process or anything else. If you have not done so by December 31st, 2023, you will be left empty-handed. For all those who have registered before then, the tickets should be processed by the end of January 2024.  

With this, myWorld considers the work to be done and completes its phase 1 “share allocation”. Phase 2 will then begin immediately, in which an internal secondary market is to be opened on which the shares can be traded among themselves, internally. The price for this has not yet been fixed. It should be possible to sell the shares “without any problems”; this phase should be completed in the first half of 2024. 

Phase 3, the so-called “IPO preparation”, will then take place. Not much more is said about this, except that a meeting of the Level 8 members will be held in May or July 2024. Founder Hubert Freidl himself will discuss an IPO plan with his presidents.  

We can only hope that the so-called shareholders will ask the right questions, but there will probably be nothing more than slogans and promises.  

We will of course report on the Annual General Meeting and are very much looking forward to the new statements and promises. 

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