Enterprise Cloud X! real-estate projects by Riegler & Partner Holding GmbH and the Oreggia brothers?

The “CLOSE – Chicago Lane Office Suites” presentation clip played during the Riegler & Partner Holding GmbH webinar can be found on the company website (Riegler & Partners & Chicago Lane Office Suites), and there is also a construction sign on the property in Hanover. The company has its registered office at Kärntner Straße 570a, Seiersberg-Pirka, Austria. Our research has unearthed a connection to Lyconet’s top marketer Mario Oreggia through his wife, who allegedly works at or for Riegler & Partner. The Oreggia brothers’ company (Home-Invest GmbH) also has its registered office at Kärntnerstraße 568a, Seiersberg-Pirka – no further interpretation needed there. It all converges on the cash cow Hubert Freidl and his central crew to fast-track these investments, or rather paid-in voucher sales. 

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