Enterprise Cloud X! real estate project – the biggest announcement in recent years.

Enterprise Cloud X is the latest iteration of the Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld

Enterprise Cloud X

cash cow with myWorld Real Estate advertising it as a purchasing incentive with all the benefits of property ownership. Lyoness veteran Gerry Seebacher (8.1) went on about the security and soundness of owning property for almost twenty minutes in the webinar held on 4 April 2020, touting Enterprise Cloud X as an essential retirement nest egg. The wording was almost identical to the webinar held by Andreas Matuska and Markus Käfer on 28 March 2020. However, this last webinar refrained from mentioning that EC X is not actually a real-estate deal but a purchase deal for M-vouchers that would have to be purchased anyway. The webinar attendees were asked to contact their marketers to explain the deal again in more bite-sized chunks. In any case, the aim was to sell as many EC X shares as possible as this would be the only way to earn real cash – the mantra repeated over and over by Hubert Freidl, the speaker touted as an “international star” at the webinar of 28 March 2020.

This has always been standard operating procedure at Lyoness/Lyconet (now myWorld). All that matters to Hubert Freidl and his president is that these projects, announcements and reports draw in more millions of members. The project at hand is all that counts to promulgate it as a sales pitch; what comes out of it is secondary. The soundness of investing in real estate is a show: How are individual marketers supposed to benefit from it? How is it supposed to serve as “passive earnings” or even as a “retirement nest egg” for members? None of the super-marketers we wrote to provided any explanation, instead referring to their duty of confidentiality and internal calculations. The marketers that tried to dig too deep with their questions were ripped apart verbally with demands that they just trust the system, distribution wouldn’t be instant, and the more people that took part, the more they’d stand to gain. Yes of course, they earn with new member recruitment, but as for any actual or intended benefit for members – who cares?

As a reminder some examples from the Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld history:

Lyoness sets worldwide standards with the prepaid Lyoness Mastercard!

Lyoness sets worldwide standards with the prepaid Lyoness Mastercard!

Recall the MasterCard lie. Recall the claims that the whole world would be paying by Lyoness MasterCard in two years, that nobody would be able to get by without this card, that it was all going through the roof. For almost three years Lyoness (predecessor of Lyconet/myWorld) advertised with it (Lyoness sets new standards worldwide with the prepaid Lyoness Mastercard) – same as with the current EC X project – flushing mountains of money into their coffers; even printing, giving out and selling T-shirts and other merch. Even though it must have been obvious that there was never going to be any Lyoness MasterCard. A request was made with MasterCard, but Lyoness never fulfilled the financial management requirements to issue MasterCard. Once the gaffe had been blown, Lyoness tried to pin the blame on some ominous third-party supplier, MyCard International. It turned out that this this third-party supplier was in fact Lyoness itself. See also: The ominous third party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself , Brand misuse: Mastercard reminds Lyoness partners & Lyoness still causing Mastercard “brand abuse”

This is what we call getting caught red-handed.

Same applies to the BAWAG Cashback Card.

BAWAG Cashback Card

This scheme was hyped up on social media two or so years ago with claims such as:

We are proud to announce that we have another partner company on board. BAWAG PSK is an Austrian bank with four thousand employees and a book value of around €43 billion. This has taken us to a new level. The first EC Cashback Card. GetBig.

The BAWAG press office immediately denied this (original e-mail available): We categorically deny any business relationship between BAWAG P.S.K. and myWorld/Cashback World (previously Lyoness Europe AG).

Your sincerely, BAWAG Group Communications

Lyoness Headquarter Tower

Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld are hardly “breaking new ground” with real estate either. They have already made similar plans for 2011 and 2014/15 – a property on Kärntner Straße, Graz, Austria, that already belonged to Lyoness. After moving into the tower across the way, they planned to build a high-rise on the corner plot. Plans included a hotel, restaurant, gym, office space and even a TV studio. There were already architectural designs, but the respective planning authorities rejected them, and finally everything came to nothing because the sale of the then “country packages” was going great.

Oh, and where are all the elite clubs and luxury stores that belong in every German city? The ones that that would soon send Amazon into the annals of history as announced in the 2018 seminars?

It goes on and on…

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