BCR Convention (Corona Online Edition) and Enterprise Cloud X! Sustainable earnings from real estate trading! Webinar held on 28 March 2020.

BCR Convention (Corona Online Edition) went online with a two-hour webinar on 28 March 2020. Andreas Matuska (Level 8.1) completely lost it on the mention of “an unbeatable, never-before-seen world first” and announced an international star to come at the end of the webinar. From the eighteenth minute onward, Markus Käfer (Level 8) never ceased to point out that he only actually ever wanted to reach Level 2, but that he was also ok with Level 8. At this point, respect to anyone that hadn’t developed earache by the thirty-first minute.

Andreas Matuska began on Cashback World and how fantastic it was, putting you in touch with the whole world and a broad range of retailers in fifty countries, pointing out several times over that all these benefits were free of charge. The webinar quickly moved onto the main topic – the incredible and unique chance to earn some serious cash. Using Enterprise Cloud X (EC X). Right.

Anyone could join in the earnings from this multi-success company – referring to myWorld – and set up a real-estate empire without investing any of their own money (quote-unquote).

This led onto the total “win-win-win situation” and the “soundest deal the world had ever seen.

There was the “small business” deal, and then there was the “extraordinarily big business” deal. The small business deal at a cost of €99 was swiftly dealt with – the point of the exercise was to make an absolute killing, and this was only possible with the big business deal.

Lifelong payout”

Markus Käfer emphasised the benefits of owning property. He also speaks of a “passive income”, which is what everyone should aim for. The “passive income” was already a popular marketing argument in the days of the “country packages”, but it regularly blows up in the courts for the Lyoness snowball system.

Then there was a graphic animation lasting several minutes on a property in Hanover – a project named “myWorld Office Suites” comprising 13,000 square metres of floor space due for completion in the fourth quarter of 2021 with a projected monthly rental income of €220K. Dreams come true with Enterprise Cloud X.

The benefits as shopping points to marketers selling Enterprise Cloud X were propounded with snappy slogans like “they’ve finished the motorway; all you have to do is get into your Ferrari and hit the gas pedal.” Markus Käfer’s enthusiasm was out of control at this point.

Costs: Enterprise Cloud X:

1 share in EC X for €2,500
5 shares in EC X for €8,500
10 shares in EC X for €16,000

So this would be an ideal starting point for anyone to start their own real-estate empire, right? NOPE. This is where things get peculiar. THE FOLLOWING CAVEATS FOLLOWED: This wasn’t an investment, just a purchase for M-vouchers that you’d still need and a certain “on-top” share (to be announced – up to 25% of all profits?) in the nine planned properties if there was to be any “on top” from it.

“The safest business in the world”

You advertise the advantages of real estate ownership and “passive income”, but sell shopping vouchers!

Once again, this only served to pull the wool over the eyes of current and prospective marketers.

The primary purpose of this webinar was to advertise “shares in a real-estate project,” touting it as a sensation. There were no details on the figures or how these “on-top shares” would be distributed to the individual marketers. In effect, each marketer would have spent money in the form of M-vouchers for the heavily advertised real estate property, once again still buying nothing but vouchers.

The project was supposedly managed by the St. Johann-based company myWorld Real Estate GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of London-based myWorld Real Estate Limited.

At around minute 131, Andreas Matuska ushered in the international star announced at the beginning. And what a surprise, it was Hubert Freidl. He announced more new and unprecedented developments.

The self-proclaimed visionary set a generous tone. All the resources were currently being pumped into the online business. The search function was being activated at Cashback World (everyone had been waiting for that to happen). He claimed he was there to share his success in myWorld with his marketers, and this was why he’d created Enterprise Cloud X. His marketers wouldn’t have to pay the salaries of his 1,500 staff members, he’d do that for his marketers. And not to forget that the more customers the marketers secured, the more shopping points they’d earn.

A personal word in conclusion: Nobody applying just one percent of their common sense and skills in simple arithmetic would pay in a single cent after this webinar. All you’d get is something at some point in the future at a share not yet set in something to be built somewhere at some time to come. Where was the prospectus? How far were they in the planning stage? When would they be starting construction? So this is how I get to be a property owner, by buying vouchers for chemists shops? How would they finance it all? It couldn’t be from cashback. Turnover from cashback only takes up ten percent of the total turnover according to the assessment.

The other nine projects will certainly be offered in various other countries. We are currently checking the planning and approval status of the aforementioned properties near Hanover (directly next to IKEA).

3 replies
  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Complete smoke and mirrors again. But sadly some people keep falling for it.
    Clouds did not add up when they launched…… Still don’t!

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Does Hubert Freidel have a Real Estate licence to be spruiking this “deal”. Freidel is presenting a so called lucrative deal in real estate, and is wearing a no collar T-shirt in this presentation…slovenly reappearance. This lost me when Freidel opened his mouth and really made me wince with M vouchers…THE FOLLOWING CAVEATS FOLLOWED: This wasn’t an investment, just a purchase for M-vouchers that you’d still need and a certain “on-top” share (to be announced – up to 25% of all profits?) in the nine planned properties if there was to be any “on top” from it. WHAT A CON/SCAM ARTIST

  3. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    Another disguised PONZI for all his SUCKER flock.
    He has one of his key Presidents wetting his panty’s with excitement. More €€€€€€
    Make sure you do your own research and due diligence, particularly if it sounds too good to be true.


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