Close – Chicago Lane Office Suites Development Company! Trace search in Hanover ends at a hairdresser!

The Enterprise Cloud X was announced as the “safest business in the world” and the real estate project “Chicago Lane Office” on the Expo grounds in Hanover was massively praised in the webinars at the beginning of 2020 by the BCR howler monkey A. Matuska, Lyoness dinosaur Gerry Seebacher & Lyconet high-flyer Markus Käfer. The myWorld material Estate Ltd. which has a capital stock of 1 GBP (1.10€), was presented to the prospective customers and members in the Webinars as a building owner, for goal-conformally reasons was the actual builder Riegler & partner obviously not mentioned.

Since the purchase of the property by “Close – Chicago Lane Office Suites Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH”, Rathenaustraße 12 in Hanover on the 16th of October 2018, no construction activity has been apparent apart from the dismantling of the construction panel. This company is solely owned by Mr. Herbert Riegler from 8054 Seiersberg (Graz/Austria), neither is there anything to be found of a “myWorld Real Estate Ltd.” of visionary Hubert Freidl.

The “Close – Chicago Lane Office Suites Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH” is not to be found at the indicated company headquarters and an inquiry with the authorities did not yield any further information. At the deposited address one does not even know where to ring the bell. No bell sign, no company sign, nothing! Only a barbershop and so forth can be found.

Where is “CLOSE – Chicago Lane Office Suites Development Company?”

In the webinars at the beginning of 2020, Lyoness dinosaur Gerry Seebacher hinted that one of the world’s largest office service providers “REGUS” was a long-term tenant in the aforementioned “Chicago Lane property”. Therefore, one should be allowed to ask why “REGUS ” became the third location in Hannover to move into the built office building (Boulevard of der EU, 30539 Hanover) next door afterall. The “myWorld Real Estate Project” should be ready for occupation in mid 2021.

REGUS – Actual location

We wish REGUS good luck with “roof above your head”!

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