“Black Diamond ÖWA-Team” from Hanover! With charity to the Ponzi scheme “Lyoness/Lyconet”

Lyoness / Lyconet / myWorld deserves it with its own supposedly charitable Greenfinity and Child & Family foundation, even if it belongs to the clear within manageable limits. (We will report on this shortly from Hungary and the Philippines and let former employees of actual local charities have their say).

The “Black Diamond Team Hannover” has come up with some ideas in the matter of “attract in the name of charity”.

“Black Diamond Team Hanover”

Since 28.08.2019 the no. 13 of the TOP-leader Julian Wehmann is registered as managing director of the “ÖWA Ökologische Wissensakademie gGmbH” with headquarters Mr. Diegmar Spriwald together in Hamburg, Germany. Among other things, one of the social purposes of the ÖWA is the development of species-appropriate forms of husbandry for farm animals for species-appropriate farm animal husbandry, as well as raising awareness on farm animal husbandry through educational work.

ÖWA managing director Mr. Dietmar Spriwald is a distinguished economist and is described as very committed. Would he be informed about the following facts?

ÖWA itself is no. 34 of the most successful recruiters for Lyconet on the “Black Diamond” TOP leader list. The ÖWA website also makes a direct reference to the Lyoness/Lyconet pyramid scheme and advertises the alleged benefits of becoming a member.

However, on the website of a HUMANOTOP (Engineers save the earth -registered association) the ÖWA is registered as a partner, whereby our assumption is that Humanotop – registered association, is not really informed about the secondary activities of their partner. “Black Diamond” and the ÖWA obviously do not have any doubts, as charity and environmental protection always sell well.

We didn’t want to go deeper into this topic, but the handwriting here is clearly recognizable as well.

Despite all the presumed charity work, the TOP leaders are having a good time. The drilling of wells for drinking water and the planting of trees for the environment will have to be postponed when, for example, the no. 3 of “Black Diamond” Mrs. Marina Graf delights herself in her success in recruiting new paying members with pictures of the “Lyconet-BungaBunga yachts” or when the “Black Diamond-Leader” in Thessaloniki gets rewarded. (see pictures below)

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