Smokescreen grenades from CRYPTIX & Co: Statement on false statements

Once again, the circle of people surrounding CRYPTIX and its supporting actors are attempting to distract attention from their own seemingly non-transparent activities: false statements are being used to throw smoke grenades at those who bring their questionable business practices to the public’s attention.

In addition to telephone enquiries, we also received written enquiries about the allegations that CEO B. Ecker and his company had been charged with a criminal offence by the public prosecutor’s office and that all publications on the website were just “fake news”.

(Translation of the mail)

Hello Mr Ecker,

During a call from Cryptix on the subject of “eCredits”, your name and interformat were mentioned once again. It was explained that several criminal charges had been filed against you personally and your company with the public prosecutor’s office in Austria and that investigations had been initiated.

We are a group of investors and would be very grateful if you could comment on these allegations.

Yours sincerely”

When asked, the public prosecutor’s office denied that any investigations or proceedings were pending.

(Translation of the letter from the public prosecutor’s office)

Your enquiry dated 10 April 2024

In response to your enquiry dated 10 April 2024, we would like to inform you that Bernhard Ecker and BE Conflict Management EWIV as at 12 April 2024 in a name query in the justice name query in the justice process automation system as an accused or suspect in pending proceedings of the Central Public Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of economic offences and

Ben Ecker, CEO of BE Conflict Management EEIG, announced that legal action would be taken and commented as follows:

“Such false statements are typical for the representatives of CRYPTIX, which is not surprising, the management team consists mainly of former employees of Lyoness/Lyconet and the connections quickly become apparent. No criminal charges have been filed with an Austrian public prosecutor’s office against me or any of the companies I manage. Anyone who claims otherwise is liable to prosecution for defamation and damage to reputation.”

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