Lyconet Marketing Agency Ltd. had to confirm future legal action!

As previously reported, Lyconet veteran Marko Sedovnik had to resign from his position as director in the UK by court order, whereupon he resigned from all offices.

However, this is clearly not enough for the authorities, and Lyconet Marketing Agency Ltd. has now had to confirm in writing that “the planned future activities are lawful.” You can’t give a company a clearer warning than that.

It remains to be seen whether Dominic Hubert Kollmann, the son of Hubert Freidl, who has taken over from Marko Sedovnik, will abide by this. He will not be able to change much, because as soon as the system is changed, no new marketers will be added to the system. This is certainly not in Hubert Freidl’s interest.

We will stay tuned for you.

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