Lyoness bankruptcy – What’s behind it (Part 2)

The real difference between cloud and share holders, with bankruptcy and going public: consolidation at the expense of members might be the magic word here! Or, how do you turn short-term into long-term liabilities as quickly as possible.

It is emphasised in the press release from Lyoness that it only affects Lyoness Europe AG and Lyoness International AG and that it would have no effect on the other active companies. On the companies maybe not, but on the members, depending on where they stand.

But what does this mean for the marketers who have accepted the mSP switch and those who continue to stick to their cloud. Is a split in marketers imminent and what is Freidl’s intended line.

The cloud owners, who hope for the so-called “passive income” and have no interest in an IPO, are constantly being urged to agree to a conversion to mSP. It is the right of the cloud owners to insist on the fulfilment of the agreement, even if the payment dates have always been postponed and financial surcharges have constantly been demanded. If you follow the various chat groups and see how they deal with requests from cloud owners who dare to ask for remuneration/payment, then you can speak of a two-class membership. Top leader Markus Käfer in particular is characterised by the fact that he does not respond to the questions of cloud owners, but condemns their “tone” and threatens to kick them out of the group.

But is the mSP holder (internally called shareholder) better off than the cloud holder? Not really! The one just has a little less of hardly anything than the other!

There will not be an IPO anyway, as Freidl himself said. The shares are to be understood as an incentive and there are no guarantees with shares anyway. He would be right about that, but when the members switched to shares, something else was advertised to them. We remember, at first the stock market experts from Deloitte allegedly agreed that myWorld would be worth several billions in a few years, as Freidl full-bodiedly communicated in a video. The charts produced and published by Lyoness itself year after year, where the chart curve is constantly going steeply upwards and should show the unbelievable increase in customers and cooperating companies, can now only be seen as a mockery of the members.

What is left for the myWorld shareholder:

MyWorld International AG would first have to make a profit, which is not really to be expected at the moment. First of all, the shareholder should be aware that what he calls his own as a share is not freely tradable. He needs the approval of MyWorld and a countervalue is neither recognisable nor rudimentary on the balance sheets to the extent required. Any comparison with shares on the free market is out of the question, because there is no official trading platform for the myWorld share on this planet. Thus, these share certificates will only be able to be offered internally at myWorld International AG or the non-official subsidiary “Blocktrade” will concoct something and call it a “trading platform”, which must also be classified as worthless. Because so far they have not come up with anything more than self-paid image articles in trade journals.

What happens next:

Do you get rid of the unloved cloud members with bankruptcy, who simply don’t want to pay more money into the bottomless pit, because you certainly won’t pay out a “passive income”.

It would not be surprising if the cloud owners were now being put in bankruptcy and the numerous different general terms and conditions and agreements were cited as the reason. One should not forget that Lyoness Europe AG and Lyoness International AG were registered as shareholders in many companies.  Cloud owners are inconvenient for Freidl because they no longer invest any money in the system, so what could be more obvious than to deceive themselves with legal sleight of hand.

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