Hacker Attack: Thank you for your support! 

As you may already know, bankruptcy has been declared for Lyoness Europe AG and Lyoness International AG. We intended to release this information two days before Lyoness’ own announcement, and immediately our website was hacked. It was a costly, professional, and a massive hacker attack, as determined by the police. 

At its peak, we faced attacks on the website from 116 countries and between 500 and 750 million accesses within 24 hours.

We know that the attacks originated from Europe; a specialist was able to isolate several dozen relevant IP addresses and hand them over to the police. 

My special thanks, however, go to you, our fantastic customers, who have shown understanding and amazing reactions.

Many of you saw the final conclusive proof in the hacker attack that what we report about Hubert Freidl and his pyramid schemes must indeed be true, given the effort made to block our website. 

The presumption of innocence prevails until it is proven that Hubert Freidl and/or his associates are behind the hacker attack.

However, many signs point in that direction. 

Due to multiple criminal complaints filed with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for White‐Collar Crime and Corruption, investigations into serious commercial fraud and fraudulent practices are already ongoing against Hubert Freidl.

Criminal insolvency essentially refers to the fraudulent or grossly negligent causing of insolvency by a debtor. 

Now, there is also a case of delaying bankruptcy proceedings since 2021, which has also been reported.

Consequently, Freidl becomes personally liable for the debts caused by him for Lyoness Europe AG. 

We will not budge! 

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