Fraud against members at „Macao Cloud“ – The State Office of Criminal Investigations of Vienna is investigating Helmut Freydl

The State Office of Criminal Investigations of Vienna – Department EB4, Economic Crime Unit – is investigating Helmut Freydl (case no. 5 St 42/17d) in connection with Lyoness Austria GmbH and their event “Elite Seminar with Eric Worre” in September 2013 at the Wiener Stadthalle.

 According to this, in the summer of 2016, a Swedish Lyoness marketer discovered an algorithm/assignment process at Lyoness regarding the international booking of ESP Units of all marketers from “L”-countries from the career level “2” onwards. The top-secret information was that on that day ONLY the Seebacher line should benefit from the Swede’s knowledge. In order that all Seebacher marketers who were not at the necessary career level (like most of them) could enjoy the benefit of going through the different units quickly, they had the possibility to purchase a kind of “license”. 200 Euros were charged per person for an upgrade to the career level 2. However, nobody in that group has received a confirmation of payment for this “license fee”, although a great deal of money has been spent.

All relevant documents/receipts available to us have been forwarded to the police.

These fraudulent activities are being carried out under the pretext of finding ever new ways of taking more money out of the pockets of people – and in this case the faithful Lyoness sheep –  while at the same time disregarding other Lyoness managing departments.



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