“eCredits”-company ECR AG dissolved and in liquidation since 03. December 2020!

Currently, the advertised “eCredits” continue to be advertised on various social media platforms, as can be seen from the website www.ecredits.com, ECR AG, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein FL-0002.599.510-4 is responsible.

However, the Office of Justice of the Principality of Liechtenstein confirms with a current excerpt from the Commercial Register that with the resolution of the General Assembly of 03.12.2020 that the ECR AG is dissolved and in liquidation. Nevertheless, as if nothing would have happened, “eCredits” are still being advertised and funds are still being collected.

According to its own information, the Cryptix Group is a full-service provider that implements digital payment and exchange solutions and consists of eight companies in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Slovenia. The Cryptix brands eCredits, eWallet, and Blocktrade play a decisive role in the implementation of establishing the first digital financial marketplace (The People’s Financial Marketplace), it said. This platform is expected to unite various financial services, such as payments, investments, and trading, as well as banking and insurance products, in one app. Cryptix Labs, he said, is the research and development arm of the Cryptix Group.

In this personnel company swamp surrounding “eCredits” and Cryptix AG, Ms. Anja M. Frauwallner represents personnel constant in addition to Bernhard Koch! Mrs. Anja M. Frauwallner is currently on the Board of Directors at ETR AG (Liechtenstein) together with Mr. Bernhard Koch also at CRYPTIX Holding AG (Cryptix AG) as a member of the Board of Directors individually authorized to sign. Besides, she is an authorized signatory at Cryptics LABS GmbH (registered office Vienna/Austria) whose beneficial owner is 100% Mr. Bernhard Koch.

Are “eCredits” now history? Why is it still being advertised despite liquidation? On the website, there is no reference or press release to the decision of the General Assembly? Finally, a personal request from our CEO Ben Ecker to the insight-resistant pyramid sellers: Can someone please catch the BCR howler monkey, Andreas Matuska, with his entourage and at least inform them. The phone calls and video calls left to us with conjuring fantasies from this BCR troop about “eCredits” among other things are really hard to bear. 

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