Investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Hubert Freidl, Marko Sedovnik and Mario Kapun?

On May 7, 2021, we have reported about the faux pas of H. Freidls, M. Sedovniks & M. Kapuns’ search for a new CEO for the myWorld 360 AG! myWorld 360 AG! Search for new CEO is slipping away from Freidl & Kapun or “When you do the math without the host!” – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT (

The gentlemen thought they had already filled this position with a well-known Austrian manager, whose impeccable reputation would certainly have done the myWorld group well. However, according to the information available to us, Hubert Freidl “openly lied to his face.”

After Hubert Freidl had boasted grandiloquently about DELOITTE’s stock market valuations and forecasts in a video in his myworld community and vis-a-vis to the manager himself, the internationally well-connected manager informed himself about the truthfulness of certain statements made by Freidl and directly obtained information from Deloitte Austria and Germany, as well as from the Turkish Ministry of Finance and other domestic and foreign authorities. Freidl deliberately deceived customers and potential investors with false claims to give the obviously ailing company a new shine. Thus also copies of Whatsapp messages / demands of the Turkish Ministry of Finance personally send to Freidl and Sedovnik because of tax debts in the height of approximately 20.- million euro were attached as copy in the beginning of the pleading.

Here are some excerpts from the pleading of the well-known Viennese criminal lawyer Mag. Nikolaus Rast to: Hubert Freidl, his wife Silvia Freidl, Mario Kapun, and to Marko Sedovnik – which is quite something: ( the full written pleading is available to the editors).

“Once the facts relevant to criminal law are available, the facts will be brought to the attention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, including directly to the head of the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Ms. Hofrätin Mag. Vrabl- Sanda, as well as to the relevant foreign authorities.”

“In case of suspicion of the danger of collusion or flight (domicile or main residence abroad), the application for the imposition of custody would also be carried out.”

“Thus, the current economic situations in various countries (e.g. criminal prosecution and financial proceedings in Turkey personally against Freidl and Sedovnik) were also concealed.”

“For example, Deloitte Tax Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH has officially announced that there is or was no mandate from the myWorld Group concerning a valuation or an IPO.”

“Tax Crimes are an international branch that our government takes seriously and I can assure you Mr. Friedl that not even Monaco or any European Union State will be granting you an immunity once our agreement with Interpol Financials Crime Unit will launch the Red Notice on your and your shareholders´s names.” -> Whatsapp Secretary of Treasury Turkey an Hubert Freidl

Further movement is also likely to occur concerning an additional thread.

All discontinued court verdicts of recent years against the myWorld Group, Freidl, Sedovnik, and Kapun – represented by the Graz lawyer Dr. Reif, amongst others – are being re-opened politically based on the latest parliamentary inquiries made to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior and statements of facts. This should also be very interesting, as there are currently several judicial scandals against high-ranking department heads and section heads with regard to political incidents. More about that in an upcoming article.

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