myWorld 360 AG! Search for new CEO is slipping away from Freidl & Kapun or “When you do the math without the host!”

The beautiful stock market fairy tale of “Hubert Freidl”, as well as new accusations against “myworld 360 AG” and “myWorld Holding” are currently occupying the Graz cashback party troupe at corporate headquarters, as well as Freidl on his yacht in Monaco and Sedovnik at the family gathering in Slovenia.

The search for a chairman of the board, CEO, who should lead the group into more serious waters and also accompany the IPO, is likely to be much more difficult than Freidl & Co. would have wished. Freidl & Kapun thought they had already made a big catch with an excellently networked personality with the media and authorities. But there is also a lot going on in Graz.

According to statements by some employees, there are currently likely to be some problems within the myWorld Group, so that even the two board members Sedovnik and Suppan-Eibinger will have to continue business on their own without a new CEO until at least the 2nd quarter of 2022! KERSTIN Suppan-Eibinger has expressed to long-time employees that there are some serious problems internally, but this does not directly mean that myworld 360 AG is currently at risk of insolvency. Of course, this leads to corresponding unrest among the employees at the de facto corporate headquarters in Graz. This statement alone raises many questions. The almost 17 million in tax debts and criminal proceedings for deliberate bankruptcy in Turkey are also unlikely to lift the spirits of the workforce, given that the employees are aware of this at all. The difficulties in Switzerland have also not been resolved and we are not even talking about the various bans in some countries.  

The extraordinary general meeting of myWorld 360 AG on April 28, 2021!

On April 28, 2021 an extraordinary shareholders meeting of myWorld 360 AG took place. (Insert link minutes!) Why did Silvia Freidl resign from the Supervisory Board of myworld 360 AG on April 28, 2021 at her own request and was replaced by Ing. Franz Sulzberger remains (still) open.

And all this before the planned IPO in 2023? A company that is constantly reinventing itself, has so far not been able to demonstrate its readiness for the stock exchange, and founder Freidl himself publicly declares a company like DELOITTE to be an accomplice. A new CEO would indeed have his hands full.

In the job advertisement for a suitable CEO, the psychological handling of stress disorders should definitely be included as an additional requirement.

Job postings: CEO | myWorld 360 ( or CEO w/m bei myWorld 360 AG |

According to our information, work is currently being done on a very complex statement of facts by a furious, very honorable and well-known Austrian manager with the best contacts in politics and business.

On behalf of the manager, who also has good access to the authorities and the media, a large law firm is currently examining several points relevant under criminal law relating to the persons Mario Sedovnik, Hubert Freidl, Mario Kapun, Kerstin Suppan-Eibinger and the entire Supervisory Board, including Silvia Freidl, who was recently dismissed. This statement of facts will be published here promptly after it has been submitted. Of course, until the courts have clarified the matter, the presumption of innocence of all persons involved (still) applies!

In addition, we have been informed that this written statement of facts will also be submitted to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), the German Banking Supervisory Authority (Bafin), the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA), the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the Russian Financial Market Authority (FFMS, FFSR) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom. The respective embassies and the foreign trade offices of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) in the respective countries will be fully involved in this process. The introduction of the statement of facts takes place in any case in the next 2 weeks with the respective authorities and countries, according to the Austrian manager.

Stunned, he continues that Hubert Freidl, the owner and de facto board member / managing director of the myWorld group, personally claims and in a video stream that Deloitte accompanied and also evaluated the IPO of the group.

Alone this assertion is criminally relevant, since one here advertises with wrong facts (deception), in order to create the impression that a respectable corporate law firm accompanies and supports a possible IPO.

Freidl’s vision is of course not the IPO in London, but much more ambitious in New York. In this case, due to the very restrictive stock exchange laws in the USA, myWorld will probably have no chance of ever taking a single step close to Wall Street at all. All new accusations, criminal proceedings, court rulings and negative media reports diminish Freidl’s credibility and scare off future investors (who may only be called marketers!) and the company’s own sales partners.

myWorld and Wall Street?

Freidl’s dream with “myworld” a stock market star ala “Facebook” seems to burst more like a soap bubble at the moment, even many Insiders think so. Even if things have gone quite financially well for Freidl and Co. in the last few years, this time they probably did the math without “the well-networked host” and he doesn’t mess around for long, as you can see – but rather clumsily slaps down the “myWorld troupe” with delight! Chapeau!

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  1. Andrew McNickle
    Andrew McNickle says:

    Excellent update posted 7th May 2021. Hubert is the classic narcissist and started a lie that has become a juggernaut.


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