TV broadcast in Austria. Lyconet is a Ponzi Scheme!


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TV broadcast of 26 February 2020

Finally an Austrian TV station has found the courage and describes Lyoness / Lyconet as what it is. Already on the 9th of december 2017 the Austrian’s Civil Lawyer confronted with Lyoness at ORF . At that time Lyoness was already classified as a Ponzi Scheme, and the controversial Lyoness General Terms and Conditions convicted by final judgment (5 R 212 / 16g) from January 18, 2017.

Many thanks to the TV-Format „Der Tag“!

Only a few minutes after the publication we were sharply criticized by unteachable Lyonese: “An email has now been sent to Lyconet. Let’s see how long the video is still available” “Lyconet will outshine Amazon in two years” “Lyoness & Lyconet = world domination”, “You should get your face bashed in, I’ve been there for three months and I’m only experiencing good things” etc. etc… just to publish some of the witty comments from Lyonese.

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  1. Erik
    Erik says:

    This is 100% unreal information becouse LYCONET is legit in 51 countryes around the world. So peoples open theyre eyes and stop reading this fake websites becouse every country have jursidations and every country go over all LYCONET program. And the piramyd is not allowed in marketing so i hope i open theyre eies becouse in 4 years will be more then 100 araound all countryes in the world in lyconet program.


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